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Michael Connelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28 - 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Terry forget about while working on the case today?
(a) To make dinner for his mother who is coming over later.
(b) That he was hosting dinner for Graciela and Raymond.
(c) he said he would go to Buddy's baseball game.
(d) He promised to help Jaye with some evidence.

2. Why are the police normally reluctant to hypnotize witnesses?
(a) It is a hard session to conduct.
(b) Some people do not believe hypnotizing works.
(c) It means their cases are at a dead end.
(d) They cannot always use the information gathered.

3. What does Terry notice about the shooter?
(a) The killer has red hair.
(b) He was dressed the same way as Gloria's killer.
(c) He was wearing all blue.
(d) He is left handed.

4. How do they finally convince Dr. Fox to give them more access to the database?
(a) Terry says he will go on a date with her.
(b) They show her proof that Dr. Fox has been selling the information of the databank.
(c) They tell her that the integrity of the database is now in question.
(d) They show her proof that the system is compromised.

5. Who was the Code Killer?
(a) A killer that could break security codes.
(b) A killer who would leave a code behind at each crime.
(c) A killer who was caught by Terry and Jaye.
(d) A copycat killer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Terry and Jaye think the killer took the ring as?

2. What has James Noone agreed to do for Terry and Jaye?

3. When Terry calls Amelia to find out what blood type Cordell was, ____________

4. Why is Terry nervous about Graciela?

5. How has Gloria's murder been captured?

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