Blood Work Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Michael Connelly
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Essay Topic 1

Compare Terry and Jaye's investigation styles to one another.

How are the two agents alike or different?

How do Terry and Jaye use their instincts to surpass their colleagues (Arrango, Walters, etc)?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Graciela's character?

What is the driving force of this powerful woman and how does she use her grief to help her through a difficult time?

How do Graciela and Gloria seem to be similar?

Essay Topic 3

Grief is a central theme to Blood Work. Examine and explain how each of the below characters deals with grief and sadness in their own ways?

- Terry

- Graciela

- Raymond

- Steve Kang

- Amelia

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the different settings that appear throughout the novel.

How do the different settings inform the plot and dictate how quickly the plot moves and the style of Connelly's writing.

In mystery novels, is the setting...

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