Blood Work Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapters 1 - 3

• Blood Work is a mystery that has many twists and turns. Terry McCaleb, a medically retired FBI agent who specializes in profiling the worst criminals.

• He is asked by Graciela Rivers to help find her sister's killer. Graciela Rivers is incredibly persistent.

• The heart transplant he received belonged to her murdered sister.
• Terry goes to his doctor who tells him not to take on the case.

• It has been 8 weeks since Terry had his heart transplant. The stress of a case could cause him to reject his new heart.

• Terry updates Graciela on the case, but cannot guarantee that he will be able to anything more than talk to the cops on the case.

Chapters 4 - 6

• Terry goes to talk to Arrango and Walters because they are in charge of Gloria's case.

• Arrango was very reluctant to talk to Terry but the officers decide to show...

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