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Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Dedlock faints when she ___________.

2. Richard has now decided to pursue ___________.

3. What is the Man From Shrophsire's basic problem?

4. Why does George visit Mr. and Mrs. Bagnet?

5. Esther is to become a governess to ___________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What seems to be the underlying reason for the officer's suspicions about Jo? Can Jo be compared to our homeless population toady?

2. With all of his physical and mental deficiencies, why would Grandfather Smallweed make the trip to George's shooting gallery?

3. What is the reader's impression of detective Bucket? How does Dickens accomplish his portrayal of Bucket?

4. What is Mr. Guppy's interest in revealing the connection between Esther and Lady Dedlock? Why does he persist in getting involved?

5. Discuss Krook's Rag and Bottle Shop? Is he a good businessman? Is there anything symbolic about the shop?

6. How did Gerge get so embroiled in the plot of this story? What is his role?

7. Jarndyce v. Jarndyce has finally come to an end, with all the money at issue having been swallowed up in legal costs. Why does Richard Carstone die at this time?

8. What is Mrs. Snagsby's problem? What is comical about her behavior at the "improvement" of Jo?

9. Discuss Dickens' opinion of Nemo's good Christian burial. Is his attitude positive?

10. Describe Mrs. Jellyby's compassion for humanity. Is she a rational person?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The story of Bleak House includes mistreated, abandoned, ill, homeless, and neglected children. In an essay, address each of these instances. Are they all associated with poverty? What is the point of making unfortunate children such a prominent part of this story?

Essay Topic 2

Several times in Bleak House Dickens describes the most disgusting and unsanitary conditions of London cemeteries. What were those conditions? Why were they allowed to get to this state? Have they changed? Research the history of London burial grounds and write a detailed essay, using images, if possible.

Essay Topic 3

Write a well-researched paper about England's system of currency in the 1800s. Determine the name of each denomination and approximately what it was worth, or what it could buy. When did the system change and why?

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