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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hortense has come to Esther asking her to ___________.
(a) Be a friend to her.
(b) Escort her to town.
(c) Lend her some money.
(d) Employ her as a maid.

2. Miss Flite resides at ___________.
(a) Rag and Bottle House.
(b) The Coavinses' house.
(c) Lincolnshire___________.
(d) Chesney Wold.

3. Mrs. Rouncewell is ___________.
(a) A guest of Tony Jobling.
(b) Mr. Skimpole's housekeeper.
(c) Mr. Dedlock's housekeeper.
(d) A mother of daughters.

4. Tulkinghorn wants to find out ___________.
(a) Where the original will is located.
(b) Where Snagsby has stored the affidavit.
(c) Who copied Lady Dedlock's affidavit.
(d) Where Lady Dedlock keeps her papers.

5. The marriage between young Rouncewell and Rosa is nixed because ___________.
(a) They need to find better careers.
(b) They are too uneducated.
(c) Rosa is too wild.
(d) They are from unequal social classes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Mr. George has a sample of handwriting sought by Smallweed, ___________.

2. Bringing flowers to Esther, Caddy implies ___________.

3. Mrs. Jellyby's favorite cause is ___________.

4. Richard moves into a new apartment near ___________.

5. Wy does Guppy want to get Esther tied into the Jarndyce case?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mr. Guppy so easily agree that his marriage proposal to Esther is now moot?

2. What makes Lady Dedlock's past such a dreaded secret? Why do they go to such lengths to hide it and why is it threatening to have it revealed by Tulkinghorn?

3. How did Gerge get so embroiled in the plot of this story? What is his role?

4. What foreshadows a relationship between Woodcourt and Esther in this chapter?

5. Discuss Krook's strange death. What is spontaneous combustion?

6. Charity and philanthropy seem to be addressed frequently in the story. Mrs. Pardiggle and Mrs. Jellyby have something in common in their efforts to help others. What is it?

7. George has been a wayward son of Mrs. Rouncewell's and has only now reacquainted himself with his brother. What is the new connection between them?

8. Poor Guster, the Snagsbys' maid, is given to seizures. Why does Guster fit in so well with the Snagsbys?

9. Discuss Mr. Gridley's role in the story, Bleak House. What is his relationship to Miss Flite?

10. Discuss Dickens' opinion of Nemo's good Christian burial. Is his attitude positive?

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