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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The debts of Bagnet and George will be forgiven if they ___________.
(a) Turn over the mysterious papers to Tulkinghorn.
(b) Will withdraw from the legal action.
(c) Agree never to see one another again.
(d) Be good to their mothers.

2. Tulkinghorn, who vows to reveal Lady Dedlock's secret, is ___________.
(a) Missing and nowhere to be found.
(b) Shot through the heart.
(c) Secretly in love with her.
(d) Finished with the family.

3. Mrs. Snagsby continues to insist that ___________.
(a) She knows the real murderer.
(b) Mr. Snagsby is having an affair.
(c) She has been wronged by everyone.
(d) She is the murderer.

4. Staying at Boythorn's country house, Esther ___________.
(a) Wishes Richard would return.
(b) Finally sees her scarred face.
(c) Cares for Caddy Jellyby.
(d) Misses Mr. Jarndyce.

5. Bucket may figures out that Tulkinghorn's murderer is ___________.
(a) Esther.
(b) Lady Dedlock.
(c) Hortense.
(d) George.

6. Esther and Mr. Guppy agree that his earlier marriage proposal ___________.
(a) Was disingenuous.
(b) Was doomed.
(c) Was based on money.
(d) Is null and void.

7. The outcome of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce is ___________.
(a) Richard has inherited everything.
(b) The entire estate is swallowed up in costs.
(c) The entire estate has been left to Mr. Jarndyce.
(d) Miss Flite has inherited it all.

8. Ada gives birth to a baby boy, while Esther has ___________.
(a) Two daughters.
(b) Twin sons.
(c) Two sons.
(d) One daughter.

9. Sadly, Esther learns that Ada ___________.
(a) Is tired of Richard.
(b) Is married to Richard.
(c) Is jealous of Jarndyce.
(d) Is terminally ill.

10. Caddy begins to feel better under the care of ___________.
(a) Lady Dedlock.
(b) Ada.
(c) Mr. Jarndyce.
(d) Mr. Woodcourt.

11. The childish Mr. Skimpole was paid five pounds ___________.
(a) By Mr. Jarndyce to stay away from Richard.
(b) By Richard for introducing him to Mr. Vhole.
(c) From Leicester as wages.
(d) By Esther to keep Richard away from the lawsuit.

12. Sir Leicester makes it clear that ___________.
(a) He hopes Lady Dedlock stays away.
(b) He will never get over his wife's betrayal.
(c) He has totally forgiven Lady Dedlock.
(d) He wishes Mrs. Rouncwell were his wife.

13. Miss Flite makes Richard her executor because of his ___________.
(a) Relationship with Vholes.
(b) Wealth and status.
(c) Presence at the Chancery.
(d) Impending illness.

14. When Smallweed takes over Krook's property, he finds ___________.
(a) A lost contract.
(b) An older will.
(c) A new will.
(d) An affidavit.

15. Sir Leicester is overwhelmed and suffers from ___________.
(a) Nausea.
(b) A fit of laughing.
(c) A broken leg.
(d) A stroke.

Short Answer Questions

1. Life at Chesney Wold has become ___________.

2. Esther happily receives a proposal of marriage from ___________.

3. In Lady Dedlock's letter to Sir Leicester, she ___________.

4. Esther is afraid that Miss Barbary rejected Boythorn because ___________.

5. Vohles assures Richard that ___________.

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