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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33-37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Richard feels certain that he will ultimately make his fortune ___________.
(a) Winning in poker.
(b) Dealing opium.
(c) From the lawsuit.
(d) From his career as a doctor.

2. Mr. Jarndyce's small room off his bedroom is called ___________.
(a) The meditation corner.
(b) The washroom.
(c) The growlery.
(d) The study.

3. Wy does Guppy want to get Esther tied into the Jarndyce case?
(a) So that she and Mr. Jarndyce can marry.
(b) So that she can finally claim her true mother.
(c) So she will share her wealth with him.
(d) So she will accept his marriage proposal.

4. Lady Dedlock finally reveals to Esther that ___________.
(a) She is Jo's mother.
(b) Tulkinghorn is related to her.
(c) She is Charley's mother.
(d) She is Esther's mother.

5. Staying at Boythorn's country house, Esther ___________.
(a) Finally sees her scarred face.
(b) Wishes Richard would return.
(c) Cares for Caddy Jellyby.
(d) Misses Mr. Jarndyce.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Pardigle is focused on ___________.

2. Young Ada tells Esther she wants to marry ___________.

3. Hortense has come to Esther asking her to ___________.

4. Miss Flite's primary interest is in ___________.

5. Regarding his career, Richard seems ___________.

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