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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 48-52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sir Liecester sees his gout condition as ___________.
(a) Dishonorable.
(b) A curse.
(c) A demon with royal blood.
(d) A demon of the Patrician order.

2. George refuses to get a lawyer and wants to defend himself because ___________.
(a) He knows no one believes him.
(b) He knows he will have to lie.
(c) He knows who murdered Tulkinghorn.
(d) He knows he is innocent.

3. Esther is now being relentlessly pursued by ___________.
(a) Mr. Guppy.
(b) Mr. Badger.
(c) Mr. Kenge.
(d) Richard.

4. Sir Leicester takes enormous pride in ___________.
(a) His lovely paintings.
(b) His current wife.
(c) His business dealings.
(d) His family.

5. What is the Man From Shrophsire's basic problem?
(a) His brother's good fortune.
(b) Prisoner's remorse.
(c) His anger over his parents.
(d) His rage against the system.

Short Answer Questions

1. Prince Turveydrop's profession is that of ___________.

2. Sadly, Esther learns that Ada ___________.

3. Young Ada tells Esther she wants to marry ___________.

4. George is thought to have ___________.

5. It becomes obvious to Jo that Lady Dedlock ___________.

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