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Lincoln's Inn Hall - This is a place where the Lord Chancellor sits.

Jarndyce and Jarndyce - This is a legal suit that goes on for years as lawyers are unable to resolve it.

Lincolnshire - This is a place where it constantly rains, pursued by the fashionable.

Greenleaf - This is Miss Donny's house and a boarding school attended by Esther.

Kenge and Carboy - This is an office made of gravestones in a churchyard outside cloisters.

Krook, Rag and Bottle Warehouse, also called shop Chancery - This is a shop in the legal area with ink bottles, law books, and letters.

Newgate Market - This is a market in London.

Barnet - This is a place on the way to Bleak House where horses were prepared for Esther, Ada, and Rick.

Bleak House - This is an old fashioned house owned by Mr. Jarndyce...

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