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Objective: In Chapter 1-4, the objective of this lesson is to get a feel for Dickens' writing style and to understand his what the author is trying to convey about Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce. It is also suggested that students form small study groups for the purpose of studying the text together.

1. In class, discuss the introduction to the Chancery and the ambience Dickens creates for the reader. Is it an inviting institution? Is it fascinating? On an erasable board, write the words that come to mind when you imagine being in this house of justice.

2. Divide the class into small groups that will continue to meet throughout the course of the study of Bleak House. This is suggested for consistency and simplicity, since the story is complex and quite detailed.

In small groups, discuss the specific correlations Dickens draws between Jarndyce v. Jarndyce and London. Share your...

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