Bleak House Character Descriptions

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Esther Summerson - Raised by Ms. Barbary, this character's guardian is Mr. Jarndyce.

Richard Carstone - This character is Ada's handsome and good-natured cousin.

Lady Dedlock - Married to Sir Leicester Dedlock, she is mother to Esther.

Ada Clare - This character is Mr. Jarndyce's ward and Richard's cousin.

Sir Leicester Dedlock - A baronet from an old family, he regards his family as essential to the existence of the world.

Mr. Jarndyce - This character is Esther's guardian who owns Bleak House.

Harold Skimpole - This character is a man who engages others to pay his debts.

Mr. Tulkinghorn - This character is Sir Leicester's lawyer who is also involved in the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case.

Grandfather Smallweed - This character is a money lender who takes advantage of the opportunities that this role creates.

Mr. William Guppy - Employed by Kenge and Carboy, he...

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