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Chapter 1-4

• Foggy damp November weather and smokey soot pervade the air over London.

• A hearing in the complex legal case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce is taking place at Lincoln's Inn Hall.

• The original Jarndyce committed suicide years ago and his descendants continue the legal battle over his estate.

• Mr. Tangle, a lawyer devoted to the case, and two litigants, Mr. Flite and Mr. Gridley are introduced. The chancellor decides to send a young girl and boy to live with their uncle.

• Lady Dedlock and Sir Leicester meet their solicitor, Mr. Tulkington, who updates them on on the case.

• Lady Dedlock is shocked when she recognizes the handwriting on one of the affidavits she is reviewing.

• Esther Summerson has been raised by her godmother, whom she learns was really her aunt, and financed by Jarndyce's attorney, Conversation Kenge.

• Esther is expected to be governess to Ada Clare at...

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