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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wendell ask Doodles and the two men with her in the end of Chapter eleven?
(a) If they want to make some money.
(b) If they can show him a way out of there.
(c) If they have a gun on them.
(d) If they can create a distraction for him.

2. In Chapter three, what is Dale looking over that make the current killer look a lot like the killings that Albert Fish had done?
(a) The murder weapons.
(b) The similarities in the way that the victims looked.
(c) The similarity in the locations in which the vicitms were found.
(d) Letters that were written to the vicitims' families.

3. What does Kaiser Bill answer when Danny asks why the Bikers are helping?
(a) They want the Fisherman caught.
(b) They are getting paid.
(c) For Amy.
(d) They owe Dale.

4. What does Jack find in the road when he flips to the other side in Chapter nine?
(a) A letter left for Jack.
(b) A bag of rotten groceries.
(c) Tyler's baseball cap.
(d) One of the children's bodies.

5. What color is the house that is hidden down the road in Chapter two?
(a) Several different colors.
(b) Black.
(c) Old fadded white wash.
(d) Green.

6. What thought does Jack have when he first arrives at the police station in Chapter eight that makes him feel immediately guilty?
(a) He thinks he should go home.
(b) He would have to trade his own sanity for the kid's life.
(c) He is not there to be their savior.
(d) He isn't going to help save this kid.

7. What does Fred tell the police when he calls in Chapter six?
(a) Someone has broken into my son's room.
(b) I need an ambulance.
(c) My wife has gone mad and my son is missing.
(d) I need a fire truck.

8. What does Dale tell Danny that Beezer and his friends are there to do?
(a) Clear out the roads.
(b) Keep the police safe.
(c) Help with the parking.
(d) Crowd control.

9. What does Beezer fight the urge to go and do in Chapter fifteen?
(a) Get on his bike and leave the country.
(b) Shoot himself in the head.
(c) Go kill Wendell Green.
(d) Go score some crank.

10. What does Jack promise T.J. when he begins questioning him alone?
(a) That Tyler will be just fine.
(b) That what T.J. says will stay between them.
(c) That no one is in any trouble.
(d) That he won't arrest T.J.

11. What does Judy write on the note pad in Chapter two?
(a) Follow the raven.
(b) There is no death but what we choose.
(c) The Black House is the doorway to the Abbalah.
(d) The Crimson King will rule again.

12. What does Jack tell Dale to have done after learning that the Fisherman called 911?
(a) Have the pay phone dusted for fingerprints.
(b) Have the voice sent for analysis.
(c) Release the tape to the press.
(d) Get voice samples from those at Maxton's.

13. What does Wendell realize when he watches Beezer and the other bikers turn away so easily from the main entrance to Ed's?
(a) They know a back way in.
(b) They are avoiding the cops.
(c) They are quiters.
(d) They must not be going the same place.

14. What allows Henry Leyden to dress without mismatching?
(a) Henry has a few lady friends.
(b) His granddaughter helps him pick out clothes.
(c) The walk-in closet his wife organized when she was still living.
(d) No one is really sure.

15. What does Ebbie say when Jack explains that it was George Rathbun in the truck with him listening to the loud music?
(a) Cool.
(b) Who is that?
(c) Can I meet him?
(d) So what?

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack tell Dale to do with the 911 tape from the Fisherman?

2. What does Speedy say that Jack will have to do if Tyler isn't brought back soon?

3. What signs should be put up in French Landing as it is explained in Chapter two?

4. What does Henry say when Jack says that he did feel like a cop when he went back to the police station rather than a person playing a cop?

5. What does Jack do with the robin's egg that he finds in the ash tray of his pick up truck in Chapter four?

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