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Part 1: Chapter 1-3

• The local police are reading the paper with the latest updates about the Fisherman killer.

• Charles Burnside arrived several years earlier with no prior history that could be found and a diagnosis of Alzheimer's that seems to come and go.

• Fred is worried about his wife July and her increasingly odd behavior and worries about her mental state.

• Dale is looking over the letters that the Fisherman killer has written and comparing them to the letters Albert Fish wrote years earlier.

• Dale knows that he needs to have Jack working on the Fisherman case if he wants to solve it.

Part 1: Chapter 4; Part 2: Chapter 5-6

• Jack is having waking dreams in which there are red feathers and he finds a robin's egg in his refrigerator.

• Henry confides in Jack that he is worried that he is going insane because Henry hears his wife walking in...

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