Bird by Bird Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Anne Lamott
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Essay Topic 1

On the first day of class, Anne tells her students that good writing is about telling the truth. What kind of attitude do the students have the first few days? How does their attitude change in the following days? Why does their attitude change?

Essay Topic 2

A feeling Anne suffers from throughout the book is paranoia. In Part 1 Writing, Section 1 Getting Started, what does Anne tell her students about paranoia and the other painful feelings? She goes on to read a poem by Phillip Lopate about paranoia. What are the reactions of the students?

Essay Topic 3

Aside from getting published, what are reasons to write? What are some things that reading books helps us understand?

Essay Topic 4

Short assignments and bad first drafts are the most helpful things Anne has to impart about writing. Pick either the short assignment or bad first draft, and explain the...

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