Bird by Bird Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Lamott
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Section 1: Introduction

• Anne grew up in a family that read a great deal, and went to the library every Thursday. Her father was a writer.

• Some of her father's friends made her feel anxious, because they would pass out at the dinner table from drinking too much.

• Anne's father's writing routine started each day at 5:30 am with several hours of writing.

• Writing taught her father to pay attention. In turn, he taught others to pay attention, and to write down what they saw.

• As a child, Anne's first poem to receive attention was about John Glenn.

• Anne was admittedly a strange looking child, and she did not feel like she fit in.

• Anne started writing a lot in high school.

• In college, Anne gained hope that she might find a place in her community.

• Anne moved back to San Francisco and worked as a Kelly Girl. This was...

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