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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mr. Martin, if a person sells an ox today, what will he have tomorrow?
(a) Tea.
(b) An egg.
(c) A chicken.
(d) Sore toes.

2. What does Bobby Watson do on Tuesdays?
(a) Eats and drinks.
(b) Sits and thinks.
(c) Rests and sleeps.
(d) Runs and jumps.

3. What explanation does Mary give for leaving the house?
(a) The Smiths had given her permission to leave.
(b) She was sleepy.
(c) She was thirsty.
(d) She heard a beautiful song and followed the notes.

4. What is the name of Mrs. Martin's daughter?
(a) Mary.
(b) Alice.
(c) Sue.
(d) Bobby.

5. What food does the Smith's daughter prefer?
(a) Eggs and ham.
(b) Tea and scones.
(c) Milk and porridge.
(d) Bacon and eggs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comment does Mrs. Martin make about Mary's poem?

2. In the story, "The Headcold", what was blonde Marie's profession?

3. What observation does Mr. Smith make about Bobby Watson's corpse?

4. According to Mr. Martin, what improves social progress?

5. Who is at the door when Mr. Smith opens it?

Short Essay Questions

1. What argument erupts over the doorbell?

2. Describe Mr. Smith.

3. Why are the Smiths angry with Mary when she announces the arrival of the Martins?

4. What ironic elements exist in the play?

5. What revelation does Mary give about the Martin family?

6. What is the purpose of the meaningless banter among the characters?

7. Describe the setting of the play.

8. Why does the Fire Chief leave the Smiths' house?

9. Describe Mrs. Martin.

10. How does Mr. Smith know the Fire Chief?

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