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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who briefly begins the play again after the last scene?
(a) The Fire Chief and Mary.
(b) Mr. Martin and Mrs. Smith.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Martin.

2. Whom does Mrs. Smith believe is dishonest?
(a) Dr. Mackenzie-King.
(b) Mr. Smith.
(c) The Royal Navy.
(d) Sailors.

3. When traveling to London by train, in which coach does Mr. Martin sit?
(a) Coach No. 1.
(b) The Engine.
(c) Coach No. 8.
(d) Coach No. 2.

4. In the Fire Chief's story, "The Cock", which animal did the cock wish to play?
(a) The dog.
(b) The calf.
(c) The cow.
(d) The chicken.

5. What is Mrs. Watson's profession?
(a) Model.
(b) Voice teacher.
(c) Beautician.
(d) Grocer.

6. What inconsistencies exist about Bobby Watson's demise?
(a) The manner of his death.
(b) The date of his death.
(c) The time of his death.
(d) The cause of his death.

7. What constantly interrupts Mrs. Martin's storytelling?
(a) Mary's movement in and out of the room.
(b) A ringing telephone.
(c) A ringing doorbell.
(d) A gong.

8. What line do all the characters on stage chant at the end of the last scene?
(a) Again I say, again!
(b) It's not that way, it's over here!
(c) It's here!
(d) Go west, young man!

9. What does Mary claim is her real name?
(a) Mary Martin.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Bobby Watson.
(d) Sherlock Holmes.

10. How does the Fire Chief act in response to Mrs. Smith's request?
(a) He sits down without removing his helmet.
(b) He answers the door.
(c) He stands in front of the divan.
(d) He eats the scones, but does not pour the tea.

11. What does Mrs. Martin offer to trade for a coffin?
(a) Mr. Martin.
(b) A gold ring.
(c) A silver salver.
(d) Her mother-in-law's slippers.

12. According to the Fire Chief, how does he know Mary?
(a) She is his cousin.
(b) She extinguished his first fires.
(c) She poured him tea last Tuesday.
(d) She was in the kitchen when he was putting out the fire.

13. According to Mr. Martin, what should a person do if he catches a cold?
(a) Run in circles.
(b) Get a colt.
(c) Drink tea.
(d) Stand on his head.

14. In Mary's poem, what was burning?
(a) Everything.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Passion.
(d) Polyps.

15. According to Mrs. Martin, why have there been so few fires the past year?
(a) The children are too well behaved.
(b) The tariffs have been too high.
(c) The price of tea has been terribly high.
(d) The rain has been too heavy.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mrs. Smith, what must one look out of in real life?

2. Why is it difficult to identify the members of the Watson clan?

3. What product does Mrs. Smith compare from different grocers?

4. What excuse do the Martins give for their tardiness?

5. According to Mr. Martin, what is a staff?

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