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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mr. Martin, where does charity begin?
(a) In the bedroom.
(b) Over the hedge.
(c) At church.
(d) At home.

2. What complaint does Mrs. Smith have about men?
(a) They spend all day smoking, powdering their noses, and drinking.
(b) They snore and sing in their sleep.
(c) They eat too little and drink too much.
(d) They spend all day playing golf and reading romance novels.

3. What does Mrs. Smith recommend giving the Watsons for a wedding present?
(a) A wooden spoon.
(b) A trip to London.
(c) A silver spoon.
(d) A silver salver.

4. According to Mrs. Smith, what other position does a Fire Chief hold?
(a) Police Chief.
(b) Magistrate.
(c) A conductor.
(d) A confessor.

5. Which part of the alphabet does Mr. Smith quote in the last scene?
(a) Consonants.
(b) The second half.
(c) The first half.
(d) Vowels.

6. According to Mr. Smith, what is the reason for a ringing doorbell?
(a) No one is at the door.
(b) The tea is ready.
(c) Someone is at the door waiting to be admitted.
(d) The fire is out.

7. Which character admits to reading poetry before a mirror?
(a) Mr. Martin.
(b) Mr. Smith.
(c) Mrs. Martin.
(d) Mary.

8. What is unusual about the lighting at the end of the last scene?
(a) The lighting turns red while Mr. Smith is speaking.
(b) The lights flicker on and off.
(c) The lighting turns blue while Mrs. Smith is speaking.
(d) The stage is black while the characters are speaking.

9. Why did the Fire Chief stand outside by the door for a long time before ringing the bell?
(a) He was humming.
(b) He was thinking.
(c) He was talking to Mary.
(d) He was looking for a fire.

10. What treatment does Dr. Mackenzie-King recommend for appendicitis?
(a) Yogurt.
(b) Guacamole.
(c) Asprin.
(d) A foot rub.

11. According to the Fire Chief, what is the reason for a ringing doorbell?
(a) The tea is ready but the scones are not always done.
(b) Sometimes, someone is there and sometimes, no one is there.
(c) To play a merry tune.
(d) To tell the homeowner the fire is out.

12. What sound do the Smiths argue about?
(a) The meaning of a ringing doorbell.
(b) The sound of Mary's shoes.
(c) The meaning of the gong.
(d) The caller on the telephone.

13. According to Mrs. Smith, what is the reason for a ringing doorbell?
(a) Someone is at the door waiting to be admitted.
(b) The tea is ready.
(c) The fire is out.
(d) No one is at the door.

14. According to Mr. Martin, what is below the ceiling?
(a) The chair.
(b) The floor.
(c) The lamp.
(d) Air.

15. How does Mrs. Smith respond to the Fire Chief's embarrassing comment?
(a) She always wears her hair in the same style.
(b) It ticks.
(c) The bald soprano?
(d) A truly Cartesian quarter of an hour.

Short Answer Questions

1. When traveling to London by train, in which coach does Mr. Martin sit?

2. In the Fire Chief's story, "The Cock", which animal did the cock wish to play?

3. What food does the Smith's daughter prefer?

4. According to Mrs. Martin, what can't a person buy for his grandfather?

5. What observation does Mr. Smith make about the human heart?

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