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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Mary spend her afternoon?
(a) She went to the cinema, drank brandy and milk, and read the paper.
(b) She recited poetry in the foyer, drank rum, and slept on the divan.
(c) She sang in the park, drank sherry, and danced in the kitchen.
(d) She slept in the park and was arrested for loitering.

2. According to Mrs. Martin, why have there been so few fires the past year?
(a) The rain has been too heavy.
(b) The tariffs have been too high.
(c) The children are too well behaved.
(d) The price of tea has been terribly high.

3. What did Mrs. Martin see a man doing on the Underground?
(a) Tying his shoelace.
(b) Running up and down the tracks.
(c) Sneezing.
(d) Reading a newspaper.

4. According to Mr. Martin, who is Nancy?
(a) A shop-assistant.
(b) A monophysite priest.
(c) A typist.
(d) A clerk.

5. Why does Mrs. Martin want the Fire Chief to retell the story of "The Headcold"?
(a) She loved the story.
(b) She wants Mary to hear the story.
(c) She wanted to write it down.
(d) She could not follow the story.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Mrs. Smith bring the bottle of Australian Burgundy to the table?

2. According to the Fire Chief, who rang the doorbell the first two times?

3. What is Mrs. Watson's first name?

4. What does Mary want to tell the rest of the cast after all the stories have been told?

5. According to the Fire Chief, who rang the doorbell the third time?

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