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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mary contradict Mr. and Mrs. Martin's conclusion?
(a) She applauds.
(b) She sighs and says, "Just like last week."
(c) She reprimands them for being foolish.
(d) She says they are not who they claim to be.

2. What did Mrs. Martin see a man doing on the Underground?
(a) Reading a newspaper.
(b) Sneezing.
(c) Tying his shoelace.
(d) Running up and down the tracks.

3. How does Mr. Smith calm the agitated Mrs. Smith before the Martins arrive?
(a) He recites poetry.
(b) He shakes her.
(c) He slaps her.
(d) He kisses her.

4. With what unamazing story does Mrs. Martin amaze the Smiths?
(a) She saw a man kneeling to tie his shoelace.
(b) She saw a dog barking at a mailman.
(c) The train stopped three times before arriving at the station.
(d) Her grandmother has caught a cold.

5. Why does Mrs. Smith believe the Martins must have interesting stories to tell?
(a) Because they are entertainers.
(b) They have had an adventurous day.
(c) Because they travel a great deal.
(d) Because the television is broken.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Fire Chief's verbal answer to Mrs. Smith's request?

2. Why does the Fire Chief refuse to visit Mr. Durand?

3. Why does Mr. Smith refuse to follow the advice he is given by the Fire Chief?

4. According to Mrs. Martin, when can one sit down in a chair?

5. What treatment does Dr. Mackenzie-King recommend for appendicitis?

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