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Objective: Detailed Summary & Analysis Ionesco wrote this play in the style of "Theater of the Absurd". Linked to the surrealist movement, absurdist plays attempt to show the failures of man without recommending a solution. The objective of this lesson is to examine the style of Absurdist Theater in preparation for the reading of "The Bald Soprano".

1. As a class, discuss the style of Absurdist Theater, or the absurdist genre. Based on the title of the genre, what might students expect to see and hear in the play? What are the characteristics of an absurdist play? How do the characters interact with each other? How does the dialogue compare to other genres of plays?

2. Have each student research and list the main characteristics of the absurdist genre. (Broad comedy similar to Vaudeville, tragic images, hopeless situations, repetitive or meaningless dialogue or actions, clichéd dialogue, wordplay, cyclical or...

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