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Washington, D.C.

This is the city in which the novel takes place.

Kate's House

This is the unfurnished dwelling.

David's House

This is the birthday cake among bran muffins.

Elsie's Gun

The elderly woman becomes attached to this and never leaves home without it.

Gus's Buick

This is a symbol of classic workmanship.

David's Porsche

This is owned by the hero.

Anatole's Car

This vehicle is a fancy import that is used as a getaway vehicle by a frantic criminal.


This represents the possibility of motherhood to the protagonist.

Camera Pod

This is the intervening force that brought the protagonist and the hero together..

Comic Books

These represent a lack of ambition to the protagonist.


This represents an entire life's work to the protagonist, and originally was the main character's only love.

Coffee Pot

This is something that the protagonist lacks that the hero possesses...

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