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Gary Jennings
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part XI, P. 797 to P. 891.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mixtli react to the request Ticklish makes of him after he returns from the Raramuri?
(a) He grants her wish but swears her to secrecy.
(b) He grants her wish but tells her husband.
(c) He refuses to grant her wish.
(d) He refuses to grant her wish and tells her husband, too.

2. Who warns Ahuitzotl that another aqueduct might flood the city?
(a) Chimali.
(b) Mixtli.
(c) Nezahualpili.
(d) Zyanya.

3. What gift does Mixtli give Cocoton when he tells her that her mother is gone forever?
(a) Her very own quartz crystal.
(b) A turquoise necklace.
(c) Gold earrings.
(d) A new puppy.

4. Who is Malintzin?
(a) Mixtli's second daughter.
(b) Mixtli's secret lover.
(c) The new ruler of the Mexica Empire.
(d) A slave girl with unusual ambition.

5. As children, what do Chimali and Mixtli pretend they are and will be as adults?
(a) Great warriors.
(b) Artists.
(c) Singers.
(d) Peace makers.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Mixtli get in a duel?

2. What is an acali?

3. What body fluid does on Otomi townspeople drink because they think it is magical?

4. What amazing powers does the crystal have that Mixtli brings back to Ahuitzotl?

5. What group is Mixtli inducted into?

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