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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Robert when Edna discovers his plan?
(a) In the same room
(b) In an adjacent room
(c) On his way to Mexico
(d) On the beach

2. Does Mademoiselle Reisz's performance affect anyone else?
(a) It excites the children only.
(b) It arouses everyone.
(c) Only those who know music
(d) It excites the adults only.

3. What had Edna attempted to learn all summer?
(a) How to swim
(b) How to fish
(c) How to memorize poetry
(d) How to cook

4. Alone in her room, what does Edna do?
(a) She packs her bags but decides not to leave.
(b) She cuts up the linens with sharp scissors.
(c) She tears up a handkerchief, stomps on her wedding ring and smashes a vase.
(d) She laughs uncontrollably.

5. What does Robert say in response to Edna's comment that they have spent the entire day together?
(a) He does not really care, so he has no response.
(b) He does not think that is correct.
(c) All but the hundred years she was sleeping
(d) He is embarrassed at the remark and turns away.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author describe Edna's feelings for her own children?

2. What does Madame Ratignolle think of the Mexicans?

3. What does Mr. Pontellier promise to bring back for his sons?

4. Who does Edna ask the little Negro girl to wake up?

5. How has Robert's going away affected Edna?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Leonce at all upset that his wife has been away with another man?

2. Edna and Adele grow close. How are they different?

3. Why do you think Robert manages to get Mademoiselle Reisz to play for Edna?

4. What do you think the author means when she says Edna was beginning to understand her place in the universe as a woman and as a human being?

5. Madame Ratignolle--what kind of woman is she?

6. If Edna were to tell Leonce how she really felt, would he understand? Would he listen? How would she tell him so it would get through to him?

7. What is the first impression the author gives of Mrs. Pontellier?

8. What do we learn is different about Mrs. Pontellier from the other wives who summer at the Grande Isle?

9. Despite his sudden departure, and the way in which she found out he was leaving, Edna really misses him. Why is his absence so painful for her?

10. Robert talks about his mother, Mrs. Lebrun. What does his mother do at the Grande Isle?

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