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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As they sail to the Cheniere Caminada, how does Edna feel?
(a) Oppressed
(b) Sick to her stomach
(c) She feels she is being liberated.
(d) Eager to experience a religious awakening

2. How does Edna feel upon leaving the Ratignolles?
(a) Depressed rather than soothed
(b) Eager to go back
(c) Soothed and sleepy
(d) Profoundly changed

3. What does Edna do when her husband orders her to come inside?
(a) She suggests they take a walk.
(b) She obeys him instantly.
(c) She refuses to obey him.
(d) She asks if they can get a larger cottage.

4. What does Robert jokingly say happened to Mrs. Pontellier when she was in the ocean?
(a) A spirit rose from the Gulf and found her.
(b) She looked like a shark.
(c) He never jokes.
(d) No one watched her because they knew she was a good swimmer.

5. How does Edna react to the news she learns at dinner?
(a) She is skeptical.
(b) She has no reaction.
(c) She is shocked.
(d) She is delighted.

Short Answer Questions

1. Over whom did Victor and Robert once fight?

2. Alone in her room, what does Edna do?

3. Why is Robert at Grande Isle?

4. What does Mr. Pontellier promise to bring back for his sons?

5. Where is Mr. Pontellier eager to go the next day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think compelled Edna to jump into the ocean for a swim?

2. How does Chopin use foreshadowing in this chapter to warn of events to come?

3. Despite his sudden departure, and the way in which she found out he was leaving, Edna really misses him. Why is his absence so painful for her?

4. Despite growing closer to Adele, why does Edna still not reveal her thoughts to Adele?

5. Do you think Mr. Pontellier is too angry and too demanding when he gets angry at his wife for breaking their Tuesday routine?

6. Once Edna has returned to the cottage, she finds herself alone and contemplates her life. Does she feel that she has changed since arriving at the Grande Isle? Does she understand how these changes, however small or dramatic, could be life-changing for her?

7. Is Edna taking a big risk by going to the Lebrun house to find Mademoiselle Reisz's address?

8. Why does Edna leave the Ratignolles in a depressed rather than a happy state of mind?

9. Describe Edna's feelings when she learns Robert is leaving for Mexico.

10. Chopin uses the image of water as a symbol for what?

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