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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dr. Ferris get Hank Rearden to sign over Rearden Metal to the government?
(a) By threatening to expose his affair with Dagny.
(b) By promising him that he can continue to run the company.
(c) By holding Lillian hostage.
(d) By convincing him it is the right thing to do.

2. Why does James Taggart insist that Rearden will always produce, even if he doesn't like the conditions?
(a) Because he always caves in.
(b) Because he will want to keep on helping Dagny.
(c) Because producing is in his blood.
(d) Because he would be bored if he did nothing.

3. What does Danneskjtzld leave behind when he disappears into the darkness?
(a) Another gun for Hank to carry
(b) His calling card
(c) The number to a bank account
(d) A bar of gold

4. How does James Taggart retain his position as President of Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) He pays exhorbitant bribes.
(b) His marriage to Cherryl which shows he is for the people.
(c) His firing of Dagny.
(d) He joins the influence peddlers from Washington.

5. What is the irony of Dr. Robert Stadler's death?
(a) He was killed in the place he had run to for safety.
(b) He had always protected John Galt from men like Meigs.
(c) He was killed trying to save the world.
(d) He went bravely to his death still believing he was right.

Short Answer Questions

1. On a radio program what does Dagny say that causes the program to go suddenly off the air?

2. What does Dagny now realize about Francisco?

3. How does Rand use the history of Twentieth Century Motors to define communism?

4. Why does Cherryl go to visit Dagny?

5. What causes Dagny to return to Taggart Transcontinental?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Francisco comes to visit Dagny in the cabin near Woodstock, what idea does she have about the disappearance of so many business people?

2. Describe the meeting between John Galt and Dr. Stadler.

3. How does Dr. Ferris get Hank Rearden to sign over Rearden Metal to the government?

4. Discuss Francisco's parting message to the world before he, too, disappears.

5. After they capture John Galt, explain why his life is not in immediate danger.

6. Dagny sees the wheels of her railroad cars as being symbolic of something she and Hank continue to fight for. Explain.

7. How does Rand now make it plain that Eddie Willer's cafeteria friend has been using him to spy on Dagny?

8. Eddie Willers is left alone with the last train broken down in the desert. How does Rand portray the result of the communist rule?

9. What happens when Washington politician Kip Chalmers insists that the stalled Comet go on through a dangerous tunnel because he has a speaking appointment in San Francisco.

10. Describe the first meeting between Hank Rearden and Ragnar Danneskjtzld.

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