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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening to trains everywhere in the nation?
(a) They all derail.
(b) They run out of coal.
(c) They are abandoned and the crews vanish.
(d) They stop running because of fear after the tunnel wreck.

2. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?
(a) Dagny standing by the tracks
(b) The wreck of another train
(c) The blue Rearden Metal rails
(d) Wyatt's Torch

3. What message on the city calendar marquee made Rearden laugh out loud?
(a) We know who John Galt is.
(b) We declare a four day work week starting immediately.
(c) Wanted: Someone who knows how to run a steel plant.
(d) Brother, you asked for it! Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastian d'Anconia.

4. What revelation does Eddie Willers get when he hears the radio broadcast?
(a) He understands why he will marry Dagny.
(b) He suddenly knows who his friend in the cafeteria was.
(c) He discovers that James Taggart has been leading a double life.
(d) He realizes that Dagny has been wrong all the time.

5. How does Dagny let it be known that she is back after her plane crashed?
(a) She fakes a plane crash in Nebraska.
(b) She notifies the press in Nebraska.
(c) She goes on the radio to announce that she is all right.
(d) She takes out an ad in the New York papers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the symbolism of the explosion in the Colorado tunnel?

2. What crisis brings Rearden before the Unification Board?

3. What is the irony of Dr. Robert Stadler's death?

4. What was John Galt's connection to Twentieth Century Motors?

5. After Hank Rearden disappears, what special favor is granted Dagny by the citizens of "Atlantis"?

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