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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the secret of their location kept from the outside world?
(a) It is actually underground
(b) An artificial storm cloud
(c) A refractor ray
(d) A sonic distrubance

2. How does Dagny deal with the failure of communications on the Taggart Transcontinental when copper wire breaks and cannot be quickly replaced?
(a) She stops all trains until the lines can be repaired.
(b) She reverts to manual switching and lantern signals.
(c) She goes to James to find out what to do.
(d) She turns the problem over to Cuffy Meigs.

3. How does James Taggart retain his position as President of Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) He joins the influence peddlers from Washington.
(b) His firing of Dagny.
(c) His marriage to Cherryl which shows he is for the people.
(d) He pays exhorbitant bribes.

4. The Unification Board is now in complete control and more regulations are passed. What is the result?
(a) Production on everything increases.
(b) People now have more money to spend.
(c) More businesses and executives disapear.
(d) The government refuses to nationalize businesses to save jobs.

5. How does Rand use the history of Twentieth Century Motors to define communism?
(a) Plants under government controll never fail.
(b) When capitalism ceases to be, everyone is happier.
(c) When everyone had everything in common, the plant flourished.
(d) When all motivation was taken away, no one wanted to work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does James Taggart insist that Rearden will always produce, even if he doesn't like the conditions?

2. Who flies over the valley looking for Dagny but cannot see the community below?

3. How is Project X, a weapon of mass murder, define Rand's view of communism?

4. What does Hank Rearden finally do with his family?

5. What news was in the letter the doorman had held for Dagny for a week?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the implication of Project X as it relates to the communist society that builds it.

2. How does Rand now make it plain that Eddie Willer's cafeteria friend has been using him to spy on Dagny?

3. Describe Dagny's reaction when Danagger says to her, "Well, done, Dagny."

4. Discuss the fact that Dagny refuses to take money from John Galt unless she works for it.

5. What dramatic change takes place in the character of Cherryl Taggart? Explain.

6. What happens when Washington politician Kip Chalmers insists that the stalled Comet go on through a dangerous tunnel because he has a speaking appointment in San Francisco.

7. After her return, Dagny is invited to speak on national radio. Describe her appearance on the show.

8. Summarize the message John Galt gives to the people when he takes control of the radio frequency.

9. Describe how differently Dagny and Cherryl work to get out of an unacceptable situation.

10. Describe some of the regulations under Directive 10-289.

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