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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news was in the letter the doorman had held for Dagny for a week?
(a) Quentin Daniels could no longer work on the motor.
(b) Quentin Daniels had disappeared.
(c) Quentin Daniels was moving to Colorado.
(d) Quentin Daniels had finally built a working model of her motor.

2. What does Hank Rearden finally do with his family?
(a) He gives Phillip a job and leaves Rearden Metal.
(b) He makes a settlement with them that will keep them in style for life.
(c) He threatens to kill them all if they don't leave him alone.
(d) He divorces Lillian and cuts the family off from any financial support from him.

3. What does Galt suggest Thompson do if he is sincere about economic reform?
(a) Divide all the money in the country evenly between all adults.
(b) Abolish income taxes and fire all government employees.
(c) Raise taxes and close all non-essential businesses.
(d) Set up a commission to regulate the flow of money.

4. In the former hotel suite of Francisco d'Anconia, what is the subtle meaning of that location when Rearden meets Mouch and the "Washington boys"?
(a) It demonstrates the equality of the bosses and the people.
(b) In a socialist society, those in power do not give up luxuries.
(c) It shames Rearden because he can no longer afford such luxury.
(d) It shows high regard for Francisco and all he stands for.

5. Who does Dagny discover is working for her as a common laborer?
(a) Cuffy Meigs
(b) John Galt
(c) Ragnar Danneskjtzld
(d) Eddie Willers

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the contrast between Dagny's response to the socialistic society and Cherryl's?

2. As they were flying away with John Galt, why did Galt tell Dagny not to look down?

3. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?

4. How does Rand make a strong argument against incompetence?

5. What is Hank's reaction when he discovers Francisco in Dagny's apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. After her return, Dagny is invited to speak on national radio. Describe her appearance on the show.

2. After her plane crash, Dagny wakes up in the valley that Rand compares to Atlantis, a lost continent. What does she then realize?

3. Describe how differently Dagny and Cherryl work to get out of an unacceptable situation.

4. Eddie Willers is left alone with the last train broken down in the desert. How does Rand portray the result of the communist rule?

5. What kind of assurance does Francisco try to give Dagny when he visits her in her apartment?

6. Describe Dagny's reaction when Danagger says to her, "Well, done, Dagny."

7. As the Cuffy Meigs of the world gain control and the country is rapidly deteriorating, how does James Taggart view his personal situation?

8. Explain the significance of the $ sign on the cigarettes.

9. Describe the meeting between John Galt and Dr. Stadler.

10. Describe the first meeting between Hank Rearden and Ragnar Danneskjtzld.

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