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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the symbolism of the gold $ sign on the cigarettes?
(a) It is a symbol of how expensive cigarettes become under communism.
(b) It is a secret mark that designates a revolutionary war to come.
(c) It is reall a capital U overlaid with a capital S in gold to remind users of US capitalism.
(d) It predicts the high cost of cigarettes in the future.

2. What is Hank's reaction when he discovers Francisco in Dagny's apartment?
(a) He slaps Francisco.
(b) He thinks Francisco is the destroyer.
(c) He is happy because he loves both of them.
(d) He is afraid that Francisco will discover their affair.

3. while John Galt is being held in a plush hotel suite, what is happening in the country?
(a) The people who had disappeared return to help Galt.
(b) The people in Atlantis decide to assassinate Galt before he tells everything.
(c) More businesses are closing and more great minds are disappearing.
(d) Everything comes to a standstill while they wait for Galt's economic plan.

4. What does Dagny's insistence on working as housemaid for John Galt say about her.
(a) It describes her work ethic.
(b) It is a ploy to keep them from sending her away.
(c) It indicates that she wants to escape the valley.
(d) It shows that she has little self-esteem.

5. What revelation does Eddie Willers get when he hears the radio broadcast?
(a) He understands why he will marry Dagny.
(b) He discovers that James Taggart has been leading a double life.
(c) He suddenly knows who his friend in the cafeteria was.
(d) He realizes that Dagny has been wrong all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. when Dagny comes to after her plane crashes in the Colorado mountains, who is the first person she sees?

2. What literary device does Rand use to show the end of Eddie's dream of one day marrying Dagny.

3. Why are there only half enough freight cars to ship the Minnesota wheat crop to the East coast?

4. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?

5. What causes Dagny to resign from Taggart Transcontinental?

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