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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Hank know that their affair was over before Dagny told him.
(a) John Galt came and told him.
(b) He heard something different in her voice on the radio.
(c) During the radio show she had only used past tense.
(d) Francisco sent him a telegram.

2. On a radio program what does Dagny say that causes the program to go suddenly off the air?
(a) She says that Lillian was having an affair with Wesley Mouch.
(b) She says that Business Unification was responsible for blowing up Wyatt oil fields.
(c) She tells how government blackmail over her affair with Hank caused him to sign over Rearden Metal.
(d) She says that Hank's signature on the gift of Rearden Metal was forged.

3. In the former hotel suite of Francisco d'Anconia, what is the subtle meaning of that location when Rearden meets Mouch and the "Washington boys"?
(a) It shames Rearden because he can no longer afford such luxury.
(b) It shows high regard for Francisco and all he stands for.
(c) It demonstrates the equality of the bosses and the people.
(d) In a socialist society, those in power do not give up luxuries.

4. The communistic government wanted people to sacrifice their minds and products for the good of society. How is John Galt more honorable?
(a) He believes the disappearing executives are wrong.
(b) Galt is willing to sacrifice his life for the good of society.
(c) He does not believe sacrifice is necessary.
(d) He thinks if people are allowed to create, they don't care about money.

5. Why does the siege represent a "Concerto of Deliverance"?
(a) After this, Rearden will regain control of his business.
(b) It suggest the theme of delivering Rearden Steel to the workers.
(c) It marks the final movement when Francisco can tell everyting to Hank Rearden.
(d) It marks Hanks deliverance from Lillian and Phillip.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will be the only way Dagny can return to the valley?

2. Dagny wants to build a narrow gauge railroad in the valley and then changes her mind. Why?

3. Why does Lillian come to see James Taggart?

4. How is the secret of their location kept from the outside world?

5. What is the last thing passengers see on Kip Chalmers' train as they enter the tunnel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dagny's reaction when Danagger says to her, "Well, done, Dagny."

2. Describe some of the regulations under Directive 10-289.

3. Discuss the fact that Dagny refuses to take money from John Galt unless she works for it.

4. Describe the meeting between John Galt and Dr. Stadler.

5. Summarize the message John Galt gives to the people when he takes control of the radio frequency.

6. How does Rand now make it plain that Eddie Willer's cafeteria friend has been using him to spy on Dagny?

7. What kind of assurance does Francisco try to give Dagny when he visits her in her apartment?

8. As the world economy crumbles, describe the condition of Hank's family.

9. After her return, Dagny is invited to speak on national radio. Describe her appearance on the show.

10. Francisco shows up to deliver Hank when an angry mod attacks his Rearden Metal plant. Why is this a turning point for Hank Rearden?

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