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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is playing the piano at John Galt's house?
(a) Halley himself
(b) Hugh Akston
(c) Dr. Hendricks
(d) Francisco

2. How does Galt remove suspicion from Dagny at his capture?
(a) He knocks her unconscious.
(b) He pulls a gun on her and tells the police she is his hostage.
(c) He calls her a government stooge.
(d) He pushes her out the back door before he lets the police in.

3. What is the significance of John Galt's transmitter that can block anything the government has?
(a) It symbolizes the superiority of industry over communistic ideas.
(b) It symbolizes the guns Galt and his people will use against the society.
(c) It symbolizes how it is easy to force other people to think in a certain way.
(d) It shows that John Galt is ready to cooperate with the government.

4. Danneskjtzld contrasts himself with what legendary hero?
(a) Achilles
(b) Zorro
(c) Robin Hood
(d) Prometheus

5. John Galt is strapped naked to a table with electrodes attached to various parts of his body. What does that symbolize?
(a) The inadequacies of John Galt's beliefs
(b) The ultimate victory of the state
(c) The power of the state and the vulnerability of the individual
(d) The impotence of the state and the power of the individual

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the secret of their location kept from the outside world?

2. when Dagny comes to after her plane crashes in the Colorado mountains, who is the first person she sees?

3. What is the doctrine Galt says is used to keep otherwise rational people in line?

4. How does Rand use the history of Twentieth Century Motors to define communism?

5. How is Project X, a weapon of mass murder, define Rand's view of communism?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the Cuffy Meigs of the world gain control and the country is rapidly deteriorating, how does James Taggart view his personal situation?

2. Francisco shows up to deliver Hank when an angry mod attacks his Rearden Metal plant. Why is this a turning point for Hank Rearden?

3. When Francisco comes to visit Dagny in the cabin near Woodstock, what idea does she have about the disappearance of so many business people?

4. As they take their leave, the city of New York disappears as they fly over. Explain the significance of that.

5. Describe the first meeting between Hank Rearden and Ragnar Danneskjtzld.

6. Dagny sees the wheels of her railroad cars as being symbolic of something she and Hank continue to fight for. Explain.

7. After they capture John Galt, explain why his life is not in immediate danger.

8. Describe the meeting between John Galt and Dr. Stadler.

9. Explain the significance of the $ sign on the cigarettes.

10. Describe some of the regulations under Directive 10-289.

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