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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Rearden's suggestion to Dagny about giving in to the state?
(a) They must hold out as long as they can before complying with the State.
(b) They must find John Galt.
(c) They must find ways to compromise with the State.
(d) They must destroy their businesses before they let that happen.

2. How does Rand use the marriage of James and Cherryl to make her point against social philosophy?
(a) It is an improbable love story.
(b) It shows that the rich and the poor are really equal.
(c) Like communism, it is a sham based on lies and deception.
(d) It shows that poor people do not lack social graces.

3. At the party, James Taggart demands that Francisco explain why the San Sebastian mines are worthless. What is Francisco's ironic reply?
(a) He says he gave them the wrong location because he knew what they would do.
(b) He says he wanted to contribute to the Mexican economy.
(c) He says the mines are not worthless bacuse they contain silver.
(d) He says he gave them the mines to do with as they pleased.

4. What news does James Taggart receive that Dagny had predicted?
(a) The Mexican Government has nationalized the San Sebastian Mine and the Taggart railroad line
(b) The Mexican line is out of coal and must burn wood to run the trains.
(c) The US government is nationalizing all industry.
(d) Rearden refusus to supply metal for any railroad rails.

5. How does the organization, Friends of Global Progress, view Rearden Steel?
(a) That Rearden Steel will one day belong to them.
(b) That Rearden Steel will be its largest contributor.
(c) That Rearden represents the blackest element of social retrogression in the country.
(d) That it is an indignificant business that will likely fail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "the chain" represent to Henry Rearden?

2. Why does Dagny take a leave of absence from her job as Vice President of Operations at Taggart Transcontinental?

3. What decision does Dagny make when she is nine years old?

4. What is the result of the government's decision to divert coal to the People's Republic of England?

5. What does Phillip want to leave Henry's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write a few paragraphs on why Hank Rearden does not mind supporting his idle family but refuses to give Phillip a job he is not qualified to handle.

2. Explain the conflict within Francisco when he discovers that Rearden had ordered copper from his mines in Argentina.

3. Describe the meaning and the purpose of "white blackmail."

4. When an agreement is reached that closes the John Galt Line and the Rio Norte Line, what does Francisco mean when he asks Dagny if they had murdered John Galt?

5. Francisco engineers a huge financial fraud on the Mexican government and greedy shareholders like James Taggart and Orren Boyle. Then he asks Dagny, "Who is John Galt?" How does Rand use his character to build suspense?

6. The title of the chapter, "The Exploiters and the Exploited" might suggest that the industrialists like Hank Rearden exploit the public by creating products for their own personal gratification. Rand, however, turns that around to suggest that the socialist government are exploiting the industrialists. Support that idea.

7. Explain how the mystery of Eddie Willers' unnamed friend in the cafeteria and the shadowy man Dagny sees outside her office add to the suspense of the novel.

8. Dagny sees Hank Rearden as a "man who belongs on earth." Explain why.

9. The "Immovable Movers" in Rand's novel are the industrialists like Dagny and Rearden who produce because it is in their blood to do so. They produce for the joy of accomplishment and thus provide for the society as a whole. Rand compares them to the mythical Greek god Atlas who purportedly holds up the world on his shoulders. Explain her conclusions.

10. In the chapter Rand calls "Account Overdrawn," how does the author picture the results of the socialist government's regulations?

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