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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after the disappearance of Wyatt and his vast Colorado oil fields?
(a) Small companies cannot supply enough oil to fill the demand.
(b) The government reopens the Wyatt oil fields and everything gets back to normal.
(c) Mine owners begin blowing up their mines.
(d) Project X provides a new and better fuel.

2. Why does Dagny have to wait to get in to see Dannager when she goes to see him before his trial?
(a) Dannager blames Dagny for his legal problems.
(b) Dagny came without an appointment.
(c) Dannager really does not want to see Dagny.
(d) There is a mysterious man in his office.

3. What is Ayn Rand's objection to majority rule as put forth by the National Alliance of Railroads?
(a) It is not a true socialist idea.
(b) It does not go far enough to protect everyone.
(c) It puts decision making in the hands of uneducted people.
(d) It can be used to stifle competition, capitalism, and individualism.

4. What show of support does Dagny get from employees of Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) They give a banquet in her honor.
(b) They all buy stock in the John Galt Line.
(c) They vote her in as President of Taggart Transcontinental.
(d) They line the route with guns to protect the train.

5. How does Rand show James Taggart's opportunism after the success of the John Galt Line?
(a) He buys more stock in the John Galt Line.
(b) He gives Dagny credit for saving the company.
(c) He decides to build a new line of his own.
(d) He takes credit for its success.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does James Taggart receive that Dagny had predicted?

2. What is the comparison Francisco makes between John Galt and Prometheus?

3. Based on what she knows at the moment, what conclusion does Dagny draw about the disappearance of men like Wyatt?

4. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?

5. What does "the chain" represent to Henry Rearden?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the scene of the broken furnace give Hank insight into Francisco's real character?

2. Discuss the different views from "the top" and "the bottom."

3. Rand introduces "Wyatt's Torch" as Dagny returns on the train to Wyatt Junction. What does the term suggest?

4. At first, Hank Rearden dislikes Francisco d'Anconia. Explain his reasons.

5. Francisco engineers a huge financial fraud on the Mexican government and greedy shareholders like James Taggart and Orren Boyle. Then he asks Dagny, "Who is John Galt?" How does Rand use his character to build suspense?

6. Discuss the significance of the turnout of Taggart employees and the armed guards every mile along the initial John Galt Line train.

7. Francisco d'Anconia, heir of the d'Anconia Copper Mining empire, has developed a reputation as a playboy and a dilettante. Itemize the events in his early years with Dagny and James Taggart that are contradictory to that image.

8. When Cherryl confronts Dagny and says that she is now Mrs. Taggart, the woman of the family, Dagny replies, "That's quite all right. I'm the man." Explain what she means by that comment.

9. How does the Twentieth Century Motor Company demonstrate the results of the communistic idea of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need"?

10. Discuss the significance of the names Rand gives to the businesses in ATLAS SHRUGGED.

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