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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dagny notice before leaving Dannager's office?
(a) A plane ticket to Europe.
(b) A note signed by John Galt.
(c) A cigarette butt with the $ sign on it.
(d) A pistol on Dannager's desk.

2. What is the result of the government's decision to divert coal to the People's Republic of England?
(a) People have to wait for needed food to arrive.
(b) Rearden Metal wins the contract to ship the steel.
(c) Produce from the West coast is held up for 3 days and everything spoils.
(d) Project X has to be put on hold.

3. When the Taggart board and the Washington influence peddlers meet, what is the irony of their meeting place?
(a) It is held in the terminal beneath the statue of Nathaniel Taggart.
(b) It is in Dagny's office.
(c) It is unheated because of the coal shortages.
(d) It gives complete control of Taggart Transcontinental to the government.

4. What news does James Taggart receive that Dagny had predicted?
(a) The Mexican Government has nationalized the San Sebastian Mine and the Taggart railroad line
(b) The Mexican line is out of coal and must burn wood to run the trains.
(c) Rearden refusus to supply metal for any railroad rails.
(d) The US government is nationalizing all industry.

5. What does Rearden sell off after the bill banning people from owning multiple businesses is passed?
(a) Train engines and coal mines
(b) Iron mines and jewelry manufacturing
(c) Copper mines and coal mines
(d) Copper mines and freight companies

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the government plan to conserve copper and electricity?

2. Why do Hank and Dagny try to find the old Twentieth Century Motor company?

3. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?

4. What is the problem Rearden sees in any government that professes to run by committee for the "public good."

5. What happens after the disappearance of Wyatt and his vast Colorado oil fields?

Short Essay Questions

1. The "Immovable Movers" in Rand's novel are the industrialists like Dagny and Rearden who produce because it is in their blood to do so. They produce for the joy of accomplishment and thus provide for the society as a whole. Rand compares them to the mythical Greek god Atlas who purportedly holds up the world on his shoulders. Explain her conclusions.

2. Describe how the chain is viewed by Henry Rearden, Lillian Rearden, and Dagny Taggart. Explain its significance to the story.

3. Explain the symbolism of the Twentieth Century Motor Company as Dagny and Hank find it.

4. Describe the meaning and the purpose of "white blackmail."

5. When Cherryl confronts Dagny and says that she is now Mrs. Taggart, the woman of the family, Dagny replies, "That's quite all right. I'm the man." Explain what she means by that comment.

6. When an agreement is reached that closes the John Galt Line and the Rio Norte Line, what does Francisco mean when he asks Dagny if they had murdered John Galt?

7. Explain how the mystery of Eddie Willers' unnamed friend in the cafeteria and the shadowy man Dagny sees outside her office add to the suspense of the novel.

8. Why is the idea of "motive" so important in the novel? Explain in detail.

9. Francisco engineers a huge financial fraud on the Mexican government and greedy shareholders like James Taggart and Orren Boyle. Then he asks Dagny, "Who is John Galt?" How does Rand use his character to build suspense?

10. What is the significance of "the best hamburger" Dagny has ever tasted when she goes to the diner in Wyoming?

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