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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?
(a) Anti-cooperation Rule
(b) Local and Transcontinental Rule
(c) Every man for himself Rule
(d) Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule

2. James and Cherryl begin their unlikely romance. Where does James meet her?
(a) In a dime store.
(b) At the train station.
(c) Friends introduce them.
(d) At a cocktail party.

3. Because of the Equity of Distribution Law, there is now a Deputy Director of Distribution handling all of Rearden Metal's orders. What is his nickname?
(a) The Enforcer
(b) D-three
(c) The Terminator
(d) The Wet Nurse

4. At the Thanksgiving dinner, why does Lillian urge Hank not to fight the lawsuit?
(a) She says he will damage her socially.
(b) She says they will assassinate him.
(c) She says he will win if he does not present a case.
(d) She says he cannot win.

5. What is the purpose of the party Lillian plans to give in three months?
(a) Their social obligation to Dagny Taggart.
(b) A fund raiser for underprivileged children.
(c) Their wedding anniversary.
(d) A celebration of Rearden metal.

6. Why will Amalgamated Switch and Signal Company not complete Dagny's order for switches and signals on the Colorado line?
(a) They cannot get the steel they need.
(b) They made a deal with Jim Taggart not to supply the equipment.
(c) Too many people are opposed to Rearden metal.
(d) They believe she cannot pay for the items.

7. At the party, James Taggart demands that Francisco explain why the San Sebastian mines are worthless. What is Francisco's ironic reply?
(a) He says he gave them the mines to do with as they pleased.
(b) He says he wanted to contribute to the Mexican economy.
(c) He says the mines are not worthless bacuse they contain silver.
(d) He says he gave them the wrong location because he knew what they would do.

8. What does Rearden sell off after the bill banning people from owning multiple businesses is passed?
(a) Iron mines and jewelry manufacturing
(b) Copper mines and freight companies
(c) Copper mines and coal mines
(d) Train engines and coal mines

9. What is the real outcome after the court fines Rearden $5,000 and gives him a suspended sentence?
(a) Rearden will have to comply with the government rules.
(b) Lillian's social connections are destroyed.
(c) Other industrialists will go out of business.
(d) In effect, he has won against the government.

10. What is the meaning of "Wyatt's torch"?
(a) Wyatt's threat to destroy the economy by setting fire to Washington.
(b) Wyatt's lighting after his electricity has been shut off.
(c) What is left after Wyatt's destruction of his oil fields.
(d) Wyatt's new flashlight invention.

11. Why are the guests at the party so eager to discuss the capture of Ragnar Danneskjtzld?
(a) Because he is a pirate who seizes relief supplies intended for communist societies.
(b) Because he is a supporter of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill
(c) Because he has a strange name that they don't trust.
(d) Because he is the only one who can save socialism.

12. When Hank Rearden learns that the legislature has passed the Equalization of Opportunity Bill, what does he learn from Mouch, his lobbyist in Washington?
(a) Nothing. Mouch is not answering his phone.
(b) Mouch says the President will veto the bill.
(c) Mouch tells him that the bill has no penalty written into it.
(d) Mouch offers to return the money Rearden has paid him.

13. How does the organization, Friends of Global Progress, view Rearden Steel?
(a) That Rearden Steel will be its largest contributor.
(b) That Rearden represents the blackest element of social retrogression in the country.
(c) That Rearden Steel will one day belong to them.
(d) That it is an indignificant business that will likely fail.

14. What is the cryptic question that sets the mood of suspense in ATLAS SHRUGGED?
(a) Who is John Galt?
(b) Where have all the flowers gone?
(c) Where in the world is Dagny Taggert?
(d) What happened to New York City?

15. Why does Dagny have to wait to get in to see Dannager when she goes to see him before his trial?
(a) There is a mysterious man in his office.
(b) Dannager blames Dagny for his legal problems.
(c) Dannager really does not want to see Dagny.
(d) Dagny came without an appointment.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Sternes say they tried to run Twentieth Century Motors?

2. Before Hank Rearden, Dagny has had only one lover. She will not tell Rearden his name. Who was he?

3. How does Lillian describe the bracelet?

4. What is Ayn Rand's objection to majority rule as put forth by the National Alliance of Railroads?

5. A theme that runs throughout ATLAS SHRUGGED is one which shows strength and character outside but emptiness and moral corruption inside. What metaphor does Ayn Rand use to illustrate this idea?

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