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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the symbolism of Francisco lying on the floor with his arms spread out to his sides?
(a) Making his pain go away.
(b) His dream of flying.
(c) His confused state of mind.
(d) Sacrifice for what he believes in.

2. How does Rand show James Taggart's opportunism after the success of the John Galt Line?
(a) He decides to build a new line of his own.
(b) He buys more stock in the John Galt Line.
(c) He gives Dagny credit for saving the company.
(d) He takes credit for its success.

3. How does Bertram Scudder, editor of "The Future" magazine, characterize Hank Rearden?
(a) As an octopus.
(b) As a shark.
(c) As a great philanthropist.
(d) As an alligator.

4. What game does Francisco play with the Mexican government and the American stockholders in the San Sebastian Mines?
(a) He plays poker with the Mexican President in a winner-take-all game.
(b) He plays charades but no one can guess his subject.
(c) He knows the mines are worthless and wants to watch them go down with their own greed.
(d) He plays a game of marbles on the hotel room floor.

5. What strange exchange occurs between Dagny and Lillian at he party?
(a) They exchange phone numbers so they can meet in New York.
(b) They exchange bracelets, the Rearden Metal bracelet for Dagny's diamond bracelet.
(c) They exchange the names of their dress designers.
(d) They exchange drinks bacuse Dagny doesn't drink alcohol.

6. Why is James Taggart marrying Cherryl Brooks, the dime store clerk?
(a) To make an honest woman out of her because he got her pregnant
(b) To prove that communism will not work
(c) To show that he helps the underpriviliged
(d) To find real happiness

7. Who is planning to build diesel engines for Taggart Transcontinental?
(a) Eddie Willers
(b) Henry Rearden
(c) Francisco d'Anconia
(d) Dwight Sanders

8. What is the surprising question Francisco poses to Dagny at the wedding reception?
(a) Don't you want to tell Lillian about your affair with her husband?
(b) Did you get permission to use John Galt's name on your new railroad line?
(c) Have you met John Galt?
(d) Don't you want to know now: Who is John Galt?

9. What is Dagny's amazing discovery at Twentieth Century Motors?
(a) Books on building aircraft.
(b) The address of the chief engineer.
(c) The formula for Rearden metal.
(d) Plans for a revolutionary motor.

10. At the anniversary party, what do Dr. Pritchett, Balph Eubank, and Mort Mort Liddy have in common?
(a) They are all capitalists.
(b) They all know who John Galt is.
(c) They are all against the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.
(d) The all support the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.

11. What is the real outcome after the court fines Rearden $5,000 and gives him a suspended sentence?
(a) Lillian's social connections are destroyed.
(b) In effect, he has won against the government.
(c) Rearden will have to comply with the government rules.
(d) Other industrialists will go out of business.

12. What is the purpose of the party Lillian plans to give in three months?
(a) Their social obligation to Dagny Taggart.
(b) Their wedding anniversary.
(c) A fund raiser for underprivileged children.
(d) A celebration of Rearden metal.

13. How does Dr. Ferris explain to Rearden the many laws that are being passed by the State?
(a) There is no other way to rule men than to pass laws that cannot be observed, enforced or interpreted
(b) He says that laws that don't work will eventually be repealed.
(c) He says that Rearden just doesn't understand what the laws are saying.
(d) He says the lawmakers do not really know what they are doing.

14. What is the meaning of "Wyatt's torch"?
(a) What is left after Wyatt's destruction of his oil fields.
(b) Wyatt's new flashlight invention.
(c) Wyatt's threat to destroy the economy by setting fire to Washington.
(d) Wyatt's lighting after his electricity has been shut off.

15. What is the "Fifth Concerto"?
(a) The theme song of the Taggart Transcontinental Railway.
(b) A composition by Richard Halley.
(c) An undiscovered work my Mozart.
(d) A composition to a dead oak tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dannager refuse to say "Good-bye" to Dagny?

2. What is Ayn Rand's objection to majority rule as put forth by the National Alliance of Railroads?

3. When a reporter asks Dagny, "Who is John Galt?" what is her answer?

4. When Dagny stops at a newsstand buy cigarettes, what is the last thing the vendor says to her?

5. How old was Francisco when he took over d'Anconia Copper Mines?

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