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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Quentin Daniels is hired to reconstruct the revolutionary motor. What is Quentin's greatest desire.
(a) To prove the the motor will not work.
(b) To create a motor from his own concept.
(c) To improve the motor.
(d) To meet the man who conceived of the idea of the motor.

2. At the party, James Taggart demands that Francisco explain why the San Sebastian mines are worthless. What is Francisco's ironic reply?
(a) He says the mines are not worthless bacuse they contain silver.
(b) He says he wanted to contribute to the Mexican economy.
(c) He says he gave them the mines to do with as they pleased.
(d) He says he gave them the wrong location because he knew what they would do.

3. What is so revolutionary about the motor that never went into production?
(a) It requires a totally new factory to build.
(b) It draws its energy from static electricity in the atmosphere.
(c) It produces more power than regular engines.
(d) It runs on water.

4. When Dagny demands that Francisco tell her why Ellis Wyatt will be wiped out in Colorado, why does he refuse to tell her?
(a) He says only John Galt knows for sure.
(b) He says he wants to take over the oil industry.
(c) He says she already knows.
(d) He says she is not ready to hear the answer.

5. When Dagny demands to be made Vice President in Charge of Operations, what reason does Jim give her for opposing the idea?
(a) Dagny, father never intended for you to work at Taggert.
(b) Dagny, you're a woman.
(c) Dagny, you don't know anything about railroads.
(d) Dagny, you'll get married and leave.

6. How does Lillian describe the bracelet?
(a) As the only gift Hank has ever given her.
(b) Something made from the same thing as railroad rails and soup kettles.
(c) As an early anniversary present from Hank.
(d) As a unique piece of jewelry that everyone in New York will envy.

7. What is Dagny's reply to Cherryl's comment that she is "the woman in the Taggart family"?
(a) You're welcome to the job.
(b) That's quiet all right. I'm the man.
(c) Don't tell my dress maker.
(d) What am I? Chopped liver?

8. What is the real outcome after the court fines Rearden $5,000 and gives him a suspended sentence?
(a) Other industrialists will go out of business.
(b) Rearden will have to comply with the government rules.
(c) Lillian's social connections are destroyed.
(d) In effect, he has won against the government.

9. At the anniversary party, what do Dr. Pritchett, Balph Eubank, and Mort Mort Liddy have in common?
(a) They all know who John Galt is.
(b) The all support the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.
(c) They are all against the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.
(d) They are all capitalists.

10. Based on what she knows at the moment, what conclusion does Dagny draw about the disappearance of men like Wyatt?
(a) She believes they are secretly working on her railroad line.
(b) She thinks they are all joining the communist movement.
(c) She thinks they are being kidnapped by the government.
(d) She believes there is a destroyer.

11. What did the National Alliance of Railroads pass to eliminate competition?
(a) Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule
(b) Every man for himself Rule
(c) Anti-cooperation Rule
(d) Local and Transcontinental Rule

12. When the Taggart board and the Washington influence peddlers meet, what is the irony of their meeting place?
(a) It is unheated because of the coal shortages.
(b) It is held in the terminal beneath the statue of Nathaniel Taggart.
(c) It gives complete control of Taggart Transcontinental to the government.
(d) It is in Dagny's office.

13. What is the surprising question Francisco poses to Dagny at the wedding reception?
(a) Don't you want to know now: Who is John Galt?
(b) Have you met John Galt?
(c) Did you get permission to use John Galt's name on your new railroad line?
(d) Don't you want to tell Lillian about your affair with her husband?

14. James and Cherryl begin their unlikely romance. Where does James meet her?
(a) In a dime store.
(b) At the train station.
(c) Friends introduce them.
(d) At a cocktail party.

15. Who is almost single handedly responsible for opening up trade in Colorado?
(a) Hank Rearden
(b) Paul Larkin
(c) Jim Taggart
(d) Ellis Wyatt

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Sternes say they tried to run Twentieth Century Motors?

2. Why does Phillip want cash instead of a check for Rearden's contribution to Friends of Global Progress?

3. Who offers to help Dagny solve the problem of the rotting wooden bridge on her Colorado line?

4. Why does Dagny take a leave of absence from her job as Vice President of Operations at Taggart Transcontinental?

5. Why does Dagny have to wait to get in to see Dannager when she goes to see him before his trial?

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