Atlas Shrugged Character Descriptions

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Hugh Akston

A famous philosopher known as "the last advocate of reason" and a renowned teacher at the Patrick Henry University.

Orren Boyle

The president of Associated Steel, sells defective steel because it is the only product on the market; however, constructions of his material collapse and people get killed.

Cherryl Brooks

A salesgirl at a dime store who catches Jim Taggart's eye and marries him before she knows his real character.

Kip Chalmers

A petty politician whose arrogance and ignorance leads to the disaster in the Taggart Tunnel.

Ken Danagger

The last competent producer of coal in the country nearing economic collapse who secretly purchases much-needed Rearden Metal from Hank, because the portion assigned by the government is not enough to keep his business running.

Francisco d'Anconia

A brilliant businessman and heir to the largest and oldest company on earth, which originated in Argentina but has expanded...

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