Daily Lessons for Teaching Assassin's Quest

Robin Hobb
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, The Unremembered, Chapter 1, Gravebirth, Chapter 2, The Parting, Chapter 3, The Quest)


Death. The story begins with a terrible death for Fitz, and although he is brought back to life, his thoughts are filled with the particulars of his death.

The object of this lesson is to look at death.


1. Homework. Individually, have students write about their own opinion of dying - are they scared of death or are they accepting of it? Why or why not? Include in their writings how they think the death of Fitz and coming back to life could affect him mentally and emotionally.

2. Class work. In class, have each student write a short paper about his/hers personal encounter with death. It could be a death of someone they knew or a death of a famous person they admired. It could even be the death of a favorite character on television or in a movie. They might include how they felt...

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