Assassin's Quest Character Descriptions

Robin Hobb
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He is the protagonist of the novel, Assassin's Quest.


He is a noble man who has only the good of the people of the Six Duchies in his heart.


The wolf is bound to Fitz, but is able to use his wit sense to sometimes persuade others in the band to listen to him and do his bidding, for the good of them all.


His name has been lost to everyone, as he takes on the name of his profession.


He is the antagonist of the novel and is a ruthless, cruel man who loves to give pain.

Queen Kettricken

She was the daughter of King Eyod of the Mountain people.

Starling Birdsong

She is a minstrel who is seeking a song that will make her famous.


She appears to be a pilgrim in the caravan headed up into the mountains, but...

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