Assassin's Quest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robin Hobb
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Prologue, The Unremembered, Chapter 1, Gravebirth, Chapter 2, The Parting, Chapter 3, The Quest

• Fitz Chilvalry sits writing a history of the six Duchies and thinks of dying and being brought back to life and wonders if he should be grateful.

• Fitz is living with Burrich, who is trying to teach him not to be a wolf as he was placed into Nighteyes, a wolf when he was dead.

• Fitz receives messages from Verity in his head and he tells the others that Verity is alive. Slowly Fitz becomes human again.

• Fitz realizes he can trust Burrich and Chade but decides he must go away and find a new purpose in life.
• Regal has become King and he is lazy and ruthless. He continues to search for queen Kettricken, the former King's pregnant wife.

• Lady Patience, Fitz's stepmother is quietly running the Buck Duchy which is very poor because Regal took...

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