Objects & Places from Artemis Fowl

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Fowl Manor

This is a renovated castle built in the fifteenth century where Holly is held captive.

The Book

It contains the history of the fairies and the rules that govern their lives.

Ho Chi Minh City

This is a place where the fairy history can be found.

Mud People

This is the term fairies use to describe humans.

Haven City

This subterranean place is where Holly lives and works. It's close to the earth's core and has no natural light.

Martina Franca

The troll attacks this fortified Italian town.

Neutrino 2000

This is the model of Holly's platinum handgun.


Titanium egg-like vehicles that transport fairies to the surface of the earth using the pressure elevators and magma streams.

Fairy Forts

Disguised as mounds of earth, these are landing bays on the surface of the earth.


Fairies use this technique to make themselves invisible to human eyes...

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