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Essay Topic 1

From the beginning of the novel to the end, trace the relationship between Artemis and Angeline. How is their relationship similar to that of a healthy mother/son relationship? How does it contrast?

Essay Topic 2

What are the strengths and weakness of the relationship between Artemis and Butler? How do the strengths add to the criminal lifestyle that they lead? How do the weaknesses of the relationship detract from what they are trying to accomplish?

Essay Topic 3

How is Root's character both lovable and infuriating? Why does Colfer create such an endearing character? Do his characteristics make him a memorable character?

Essay Topic 4

How is Foaly used for comic relief? Why does Colfer use comic relief? Does the comic relief add to the depth of the tale?

Essay Topic 5

How is it possible for the reader to empathize with such an evil character as Artemis? Why...

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