Artemis Fowl Character Descriptions

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Artemis Fowl

This character is a twelve-year-old genius criminal mastermind.


This character is a guard and father figure.

Captain Holly Short

This character is an elf who works as a LEPrecon.

Commander Root

This character's nickname is Beetroot because his face gets red when he is angry.


This character guards over the captive fairy as directed by her boss.


This character is a technological wizard who mans the computers and monitors.

Mulch Diggums

This character is a criminal who can unhinge his jaw and eat dirt to tunnel underground.

Angeline Fowl

This character imagines that her husband is back and that creatures are crawling around her room.

The Troll

This character has tusks like a wild boar and retractable claws.

Lieutenant Cudgeon

This character is a squad leader who wants everything his way without any concern of the outcome to others.

The Sprite

This character...

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