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Ted Andrews
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ is essential in activating the energy of the feather, whether to help in attunement or for healing purposes.
(a) Breath.
(b) Ash.
(c) Water.
(d) Fire.

2. While the book is now a bit older and possibly out of date in some details, it notes that there are about __________ different kinds of birds of prey.
(a) 256.
(b) 75.
(c) 420.
(d) 100.

3. As a lifelong student of ____________, with a formal background in literature and linguistics, the author has continuously found links to the animal word in life.
(a) Judaism.
(b) Christianity.
(c) Islam.
(d) Mysticism.

4. At what time of day would the rooster totem be at its highest cycle of power, according to the book?
(a) Dusk.
(b) Noontime.
(c) Daybreak.
(d) Evening.

5. What kind of animals calls to the author every morning, according to the introduction to the book?
(a) Hawks.
(b) Pigeons.
(c) Crows.
(d) Roosters.

Short Answer Questions

1. __________ have long been a source of spiritual insight and they can help you in the understanding in the spiritual significance of the totem.

2. The study of Nature Totems is essential for understanding how the _________ is manifesting in our natural life.

3. Many societies of the world recognize the importance of __________ when it comes to meaning in one's surroundings.

4. In addition to colors, what is another thing a person should keep in mind observing nature?

5. Ideally, when making prayer sticks, it's best to ensure the _________ and the stick are compatible.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the exercises in the book supposed to help a reader do in his own life?

2. What does a person first need in order to begin to understand how to predict events and occurrences in his life?

3. Give some examples in which attributes of an animal might be given to a human via description.

4. How does the author suggest a person use feathers effectively in his own personal workings?

5. What is the author's definition and explanation of what a fetish is in relationship to personal workings?

6. What do self knowledge and augury allow a person to do in his life, according to Andrews in the book?

7. What is the recommendation the author makes in order for a person to become more sensitive to his surroundings?

8. What makes the totem relationship different from other relationships to animals in one's life?

9. In the ancient history of the Native American tribes, what was the relationship between animals and people?

10. What does the author say that the tail feathers of a bird might be used for when they are flying?

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