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Joseph Ellis
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Short Answer Questions

1. Politicians have long been subjected to what type of rumors?

2. Of what is Jefferson the symbol?

3. What are John Adam's final words?

4. What legacy of Jefferson's lives on?

5. What does Jefferson think about the white race?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The building of Monticello is one decision that shapes Jefferson's entire life.

Part 1) How does it shape his life?

Part 2) How does this home reflect his views on the ideal life?

Part 3) How does it contradict his views of slavery?

Essay Topic 2

Jefferson frequently launches attacks on the British Parliament and King George III.

Part 1) How does he attack them?

Part 2) Of what does he accuse them?

Part 3) Does Jefferson have a valid argument against either Parliament or the king? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Jefferson, especially later in life, attends many parties.

Part 1) How does Jefferson react at parties early in his career?

Part 2) How is he at parties later in life?

Part 3) He often retreat to Poplar Forest to get away from the crowds at Monticello. Why does he do this, rather than end the parties?

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