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Joseph Ellis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jefferson never mean for his writings to do?
(a) To encourage illicit affairs.
(b) They have been used to justify racial equality.
(c) To justify wars.
(d) To encourage the abolition of slavery.

2. Why does the wife of a British minister refer to his administration as "barbaric?"
(a) He eschews all protocol in seating during the dinner parties he hosts.
(b) They openly discuss their illicit affairs.
(c) They are rude and direspectful.
(d) The woman is not allowed in Jefferson's home.

3. By whom does Jefferson subsidize libelous accusations against Adams?
(a) James Callender.
(b) Elizabeth Walker.
(c) Ben Franklin.
(d) James Monroe.

4. What does Ellis say about Sally's last two children, Madison and Eston?
(a) They are not Jefferson's because they are born after Callender's allegations are published.
(b) They spread lies about Jefferson.
(c) They are the children of Peter Carr.
(d) They are Jefferson's children, just as the rest of the children are his.

5. How many slaves does Jefferson free in his will?
(a) Only the Hemings.
(b) Only five slaves.
(c) Only the house slaves.
(d) All of his slaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why could those listening to his first address not understand him?

2. How is Jefferson's arrival in Washington, D.C?

3. Who reports the information about Elizabeth Walker with accuracy?

4. What does Jefferson do regarding miscegenation?

5. What coincides with the start of Jefferson's supposed affair with Sally?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does John Adams mean by "Thomas Jefferson lives"?

2. What has happened to Jefferson's and Adam' friendship?

3. Although Jefferson believes that slavery should be abolished, what does he feel about the issue of equality?

4. Why does Jefferson retreat to Poplar Forest?

5. Why is Jefferson accused, inaccurately, of being an atheist?

6. How does Jefferson's arrival in Washington, D.C., differ from his arrivals in Philadelphia and Paris?

7. What is the most enduring scandal of Jefferson's life?

8. How do Jefferson and Adams begin to reconcile their friendship?

9. Why will scholars still be arguing about Jefferson's legacies well into the 22nd century?

10. Why does Jefferson make the Louisiana Purchase?

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