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Joseph Ellis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Jefferson's actions towards slavery and his views of slavery contradictory?
(a) He believes slavery is immoral, yet he owns slaves.
(b) He promotes slavery and owns slaves.
(c) He abhors slavery, and he does not own slaves.
(d) He believes that slavery is an acceptable practice, yet he does not own slaves.

2. What is Jefferson's attitude towards slavery?
(a) He is completely against slavery.
(b) Inconsistent and inexplicable.
(c) Slavery is needed to have a successful society.
(d) It is acceptable in certain situations.

3. What does Jefferson become, very publicly, while an ambassador in France?
(a) A hypocrite.
(b) A Francophile.
(c) A Christian.
(d) A Democrat.

4. When does Polly die?
(a) While she is in France.
(b) As a small child.
(c) In old age.
(d) In childbirth.

5. What is presentism?
(a) The obsession with requiring gifts and other presents.
(b) Not believing that events in the past have taken place; being completely focused on present-day issues and topics.
(c) The tendency to apply current social and ethical standard to the behavior of past eras.
(d) To present false information about an issue or historical period.

6. What does the author find surprising about an evening devoted to Jefferson in 1993?
(a) The audience has little respect for Jefferson as a president.
(b) 400 people attend, rather than the estimated 40.
(c) 40 people attend, rather than the estimated 400.
(d) The audience is very argumentative about Jefferson's stand on slavery.

7. Who is probably the most beloved and admired of American presidents?
(a) George Washington.
(b) George Bush.
(c) Herbert Hoover.
(d) Thomas Jefferson.

8. How many slaves does Jefferson own at this point in his life?
(a) Between 5 and 10.
(b) Between 100 and 200.
(c) Between 50 and 100.
(d) Between 10 and 20.

9. How does Jefferson come to be a minor celebrity?
(a) As governor of the state of Virginia.
(b) His writing of the Declaration of Independence.
(c) His ambassador position in France.
(d) His pamphlet "A Summary of the Rights of British America."

10. What governmental position does Alexander Hamilton hold?
(a) Surgeon General.
(b) Secretary of the Interior.
(c) Secretary of the Treasury.
(d) Secretary of State.

11. What test proves that Ellis's belief that a dalliance is completely out of character for Jefferson is incorrect?
(a) A DNA test.
(b) A Regence test.
(c) A drug test.
(d) A DRA test.

12. What does Abigail Adams encourage Jefferson to do, regarding his daughter Maria?
(a) To keep her in Virginia.
(b) To put her in a boarding school in France.
(c) To bring her to France.
(d) To let Abigail take her to England.

13. What is the cause of friction for Jefferson?
(a) His stint as governor.
(b) His marriage to Martha.
(c) His relationship with Sally Hemings.
(d) His political career.

14. What family is allowed to live at Mulberry Row?
(a) Jefferson's family.
(b) Those family members with dark skin.
(c) The Hemings family.
(d) His entire slave family.

15. Who are the other two ambassadors in France?
(a) James Hemings and John Wales.
(b) Madison and Monroe.
(c) George Washington and John Adams.
(d) John Adams and Ben Franklin.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jefferson arrive in Paris?

2. How long is Jefferson Governor of Virginia?

3. What is expected of politicians of Jefferson's day?

4. On what are several of Jefferson's arguments based?

5. What is the end result of this planting?

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