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Joseph Ellis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Polly marry?
(a) Thomas Payne.
(b) Thomas Mann Randolph Jr.
(c) John Wales Eppes.
(d) John Smith.

2. Who first exposes Jefferson to a companionate marriage?
(a) James and Dolley Madison.
(b) George and Martha Washington.
(c) John and Abigail Adams.
(d) Ben and Debrah Franklin.

3. When does Polly die?
(a) In childbirth.
(b) As a small child.
(c) In old age.
(d) While she is in France.

4. How long does Jefferson believe the war will last?
(a) About three months.
(b) About six months.
(c) About one year.
(d) About four years.

5. Why is little known about Jefferson's early history?
(a) He has his records destroyed to protect his family.
(b) His early life is fairly inconsequential.
(c) All records are destroyed in a fire in Shadwell, Virginia.
(d) No records are kept of his early life.

6. What is presentism?
(a) To present false information about an issue or historical period.
(b) The obsession with requiring gifts and other presents.
(c) Not believing that events in the past have taken place; being completely focused on present-day issues and topics.
(d) The tendency to apply current social and ethical standard to the behavior of past eras.

7. What does Abigail Adams encourage Jefferson to do, regarding his daughter Maria?
(a) To keep her in Virginia.
(b) To let Abigail take her to England.
(c) To bring her to France.
(d) To put her in a boarding school in France.

8. Who does Jefferson sometimes revile as a drunkard and sometimes as a wise, just ruler?
(a) King Louis XVI.
(b) Queen Victoria.
(c) Mary, Queen of Scots.
(d) King George III.

9. Besides slaves, what else does Jefferson inherit from his father-in-law's estate?
(a) A house.
(b) Land.
(c) Animals.
(d) Debt.

10. Who does Jefferson refer to his slaves?
(a) As his "extended family."
(b) As the bane of his existence.
(c) As members of society.
(d) As his property.

11. What is the Boston Tea Party?
(a) A tea store in Boston.
(b) A fundraiser for the city of Boston.
(c) A prank by a group of hooligans.
(d) A gathering of colonists to peacefully protest British rule.

12. How does Jefferson react to the invasion by Benedict Arnold's troops?
(a) He hides in Monticello.
(b) He single-handedly fights Benedict Arnold.
(c) He musters his militia.
(d) He flees on horseback.

13. Who is reportedly the father of Sally Hemings?
(a) Thomas Jefferson.
(b) John Wales.
(c) Theodore Roosevelt.
(d) Benjamin Franklin.

14. For what are Betty Hemings' grandchildren mistaken?
(a) Hispanic.
(b) Jefferson's children.
(c) Caucasians.
(d) Slaves.

15. What test proves that Ellis's belief that a dalliance is completely out of character for Jefferson is incorrect?
(a) A drug test.
(b) A Regence test.
(c) A DRA test.
(d) A DNA test.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Virginia Assembly do, regarding Jefferson's reaction to the invasion by Benedict Arnold's troops?

2. What is the nickname Ellis gives for Sally Hemings?

3. How does Ellis feel about presentism?

4. Of what does Ellis feel it is unfair to accuse a man of Jefferson's time regarding women?

5. What do many slave owners require of their slaves?

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