Daily Lessons for Teaching American Sphinx

Joseph Ellis
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Lesson 1

Objective: In the prologue the author states that Thomas Jefferson is possibly the most beloved and admired of American presidents. This lesson will discuss why this is the case.

1) Class Discussion: Thomas Jefferson may be the most beloved and admired of American presidents. Who is Thomas Jefferson?

Small Group Activity: Why is Jefferson loved by so many diverse groups of people and individuals?

Class Discussion: Share the information from the small group activity.

Homework: What public figure in today's society is loved by many? Why? Write a short essay comparing that person with what you have learned about Thomas Jefferson.

Lesson 2

Objective: In the prologue it is learned that Jefferson had an affair with one of his slaves. This lesson will discuss this issue and how is contradicts with Jefferson's belief of slavery.

1) Class Discussion: Jefferson had an affair and fathered at least one child with his...

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