American Sphinx Fun Activities

Joseph Ellis
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The Celebrity Life

If Jefferson lived today, what would his lavish celebrity life look like? Write an article, including a photograph or drawing, for a pop culture magazine to give information about everyone's favorite politician.

The Power of DNA

Jefferson is accused of fathering at several of Sally Hemings' children, and DNA evidence proves that at least one is his child. Write an advice column letter to Jefferson on how to handle these accusations and this illicit affair.

Jefferson Has Arrived!

Draw a picture of what Jefferson looked like arriving in Philadelphia or Paris.

Dream Home

Jefferson built a home that was a sanctuary and safe-haven for him. Draw the blueprint of your dream home.

Monticello's Wild Tourists

Jefferson is a celebrity, and tourists would come to meet him, speak to his guests, and take pieces of his home as souvenirs. Write what Jefferson' response might be to...

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