American Sphinx Character Descriptions

Joseph Ellis
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Thomas Jefferson

This character is born in Albemarle Country, Virginia in 1743 and died in 1826. This slender and tall man with reddish hair and freckles is the third president of the United States.

John Adams

This character serves on a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. He is also the head of the Federalist party.

John Dickinson

This character is a moderate and a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress in 1775. He edited Jefferson's first work for the Congress, entitled the "Declaration of the Causes and Necessity for Taking Up Arms."

Martha Wales Skelton Jefferson

This character marries Jefferson in 1772. This lovely young, delicate, and wealthy widow's accomplishments include music, needlework, and doubling Jefferson's fortune.

Martha Patsy Jefferson

This character is born in 1772. When Jefferson's wife dies, he turns to this character for companionship.

Maria Polly Jefferson

This character, with her younger sibling, is put in the care...

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