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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of house did Socrates' mother used to live in?
(a) A shack
(b) A farmhouse
(c) A mansion
(d) A brown stone

2. Why does Socrates think Darryl can no longer stay with him?
(a) He does not like Darryl
(b) It is not safe
(c) Darryl needs more
(d) He cannot afford it

3. What does Socrates think is the only reason he is not dead or still in prison?
(a) He has to repay his debts
(b) God has protected him
(c) He killed his own people
(d) He has something to offer

4. What does Socrates try to set alight?
(a) A $100 bill
(b) A tea bag
(c) A bible
(d) A napkin

5. How does Socrates try to kill Peters?
(a) He stabs him
(b) He shoots him
(c) He hits him
(d) He chokes him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Burke want Socrates to get for him?

2. What does Right say he is afraid of?

3. Who invites Socrates over for dinner?

4. What part of Charles' body did Socrates break?

5. What does Socrates agree to talk to young children about?

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