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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Folger say is trying to steal everything?
(a) The whites
(b) The Koreans
(c) The Jews
(d) The Chinese

2. What is Socrates sick with?
(a) Glandular fever
(b) Food poisoning
(c) Measles
(d) Intestinal flu

3. What is Socrates found guilty of?
(a) Assault
(b) Attempted murder
(c) Murder
(d) Robbery

4. What does Socrates give himself at the end of each day?
(a) A grade
(b) A cigarette
(c) A chocolate
(d) A red or black mark

5. What was the name of Sally's dog?
(a) Buster
(b) Daisy
(c) Dickie
(d) Hopper

6. What ladder does Charles say him and Socrates are at the bottom of?
(a) Europe's ladder
(b) Jacob's letter
(c) White man's ladder
(d) Black man's ladder

7. Why does Socrates think Darryl can no longer stay with him?
(a) Darryl needs more
(b) He does not like Darryl
(c) He cannot afford it
(d) It is not safe

8. Who does Socrates follow home?
(a) Johhny
(b) Darryl
(c) Ponzelle
(d) Shreve

9. What does Folger give Socrates a long lecture about?
(a) The LA riots
(b) Socrates life
(c) The faults of the LAPD
(d) Religion

10. What is the name of the black man with a beard?
(a) Peters
(b) Jamie
(c) Johnson
(d) Benny

11. Why does Socrates want to work more shifts at work?
(a) To exhaust him
(b) To flirt with a girl
(c) To earn more money
(d) To keep his mind from Theresa

12. What is the name of the house Socrates checks for Theresa's letter?
(a) Sylvia Marquette's
(b) Jack Hobbs'
(c) Johnny Dubois'
(d) Winnie Seilor's

13. Where did Socrates move to after prison?
(a) California
(b) New York
(c) Indiana
(d) Colorado

14. What does Right say he is not afraid of?
(a) Death
(b) Pain
(c) Love
(d) Hell

15. Who does Socrates write a letter to?
(a) Darryl
(b) His mother
(c) Sol Epstein
(d) Theresa

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hogan own?

2. What does Oscar tell Socrates he is?

3. Who does RIght tell Charla he is going south to visit?

4. Why can't Socrates wave goodbye to Right?

5. How does Socrates try to kill Peters?

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