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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Socrates decide has posted himself as leader?
(a) Himself
(b) Fredericks
(c) Peters
(d) Benny

2. Who has Socrates been unable to call because of his illness?
(a) His job
(b) His girlfriend
(c) Darryl
(d) Iula's Diner

3. What does Right say he is afraid of?
(a) Pain
(b) Death
(c) Love
(d) Hell

4. What is the name of the company Socrates rings to inquire about Theresa?
(a) Lovely
(b) Big
(c) Girls
(d) Yes

5. What kind of store does Socrates say changed him?
(a) A sex store
(b) A comic book store
(c) A bookstore
(d) A music store

6. Who does Darryl wish he was like?
(a) Batman
(b) Socrates
(c) Philip
(d) Superman

7. What color did Socrates' aunt say God was?
(a) Black
(b) White
(c) Blue
(d) Green

8. Who does RIght tell Charla he is going south to visit?
(a) His employees
(b) His boss
(c) His family
(d) His friends

9. What does the billboard fall on top of?
(a) A bookstore
(b) Socrates' house
(c) A brothel
(d) A supermarket

10. What does Socrates see Charles collect around Watts?
(a) Clothing
(b) Cigerette butts
(c) Drift wood
(d) Bottles and cans

11. What kind of cafe does Socrates go to?
(a) A cop cafe
(b) A white cafe
(c) A gangster cafe
(d) A musician cafe

12. What is the name of the black man with a beard?
(a) Jamie
(b) Peters
(c) Johnson
(d) Benny

13. What is Chala's job?
(a) Prostitute
(b) Bar manager
(c) Waitress
(d) Drug dealer

14. Who does Socrates meet at the riots?
(a) Roland
(b) Darryl
(c) Winnie
(d) Howard

15. Where do the bus driver's children live?
(a) Atlanta
(b) New York
(c) Seattle
(d) San Francisco

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Bruce do if he knew someone who killed two people?

2. What does Socrates watch on his television?

3. What does Socrates try to set alight?

4. What reminds Socrates of his aunt?

5. Who dies when Sally was 12?

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