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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Socrates write a letter to?
(a) Darryl
(b) His mother
(c) Theresa
(d) Sol Epstein

2. Who has Socrates been unable to call because of his illness?
(a) His job
(b) His girlfriend
(c) Iula's Diner
(d) Darryl

3. What kind of help does Socrates think he may need?
(a) Psychiatric help
(b) Household help
(c) Medical help
(d) Protection

4. What does Darryl feed Socrates?
(a) Steak
(b) Broth
(c) Soup
(d) Toast

5. What is Burke dying of?
(a) The measles
(b) Cancer
(c) AIDS
(d) Old age

6. What does Socrates give Right to eat?
(a) Toast
(b) Broth
(c) Sandwiches
(d) Soup

7. Who does Darryl wish he was like?
(a) Superman
(b) Socrates
(c) Batman
(d) Philip

8. Who invites Socrates over for dinner?
(a) Oscar and his wife
(b) Theresa
(c) Howard and Connie
(d) Minty

9. What is Socrates sick with?
(a) Food poisoning
(b) Glandular fever
(c) Intestinal flu
(d) Measles

10. What part of Charles' body did Socrates break?
(a) His nose
(b) His knee
(c) His leg
(d) His arm

11. Why can't Socrates wave goodbye to Right?
(a) People are watching him
(b) The bus is too crowded
(c) He can't bear to see him
(d) He is crying too much

12. Who does Socrates want Darryl to confront?
(a) Philip
(b) Winnie
(c) Hubert
(d) Davis

13. What is the name of Socrates' boss?
(a) Dave Smith
(b) Sol Epstein
(c) Joe Regal
(d) Warren Docker

14. Why does Socrates want to work more shifts at work?
(a) To exhaust him
(b) To flirt with a girl
(c) To keep his mind from Theresa
(d) To earn more money

15. What kind of cafe does Socrates go to?
(a) A gangster cafe
(b) A white cafe
(c) A cop cafe
(d) A musician cafe

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following people are also regulars at the bookstore?

2. What does Burke want Socrates to get for him?

3. What ladder does Charles say him and Socrates are at the bottom of?

4. Who puts out the $100 bill?

5. What kind of cop is Kenneth Shreve?

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