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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the girl's name?
(a) Denise
(b) Lauren
(c) Jilly
(d) Linda

2. Who is the first man to leave the meeting?
(a) Markham
(b) Stony
(c) Burke
(d) Howard

3. What does Socrates give Wilfred money for?
(a) To feed his family
(b) A drink
(c) A new suit
(d) Both their meals

4. What does Socrates give the Shakur family as a gift?
(a) The table
(b) A photograph
(c) A coffee jar
(d) A chair

5. What can Socrates not do in his dream?
(a) Laugh and talk
(b) Feel and talk
(c) Open his eyes
(d) Sleep and read

6. Who does Socrates say lives in the dark house opposite?
(a) Africans
(b) Prostitutes
(c) Undercover police
(d) Drug dealers

7. What was the name of Shep's girlfriend?
(a) Theresa
(b) Agatha
(c) Muriel
(d) Winnie

8. What is Darryl holding?
(a) A cardboard box
(b) A gun
(c) A dead body
(d) A knife

9. What is the only reason Socrates will hurt a man?
(a) Defending a woman
(b) If he needs money
(c) If he need to rid himself of anger
(d) Self-preservation

10. What does Socrates tell Petis he will do to him if he does not leave the neighborhood?
(a) Call the police
(b) Maim him
(c) Kill him
(d) Tortute him

11. Who are the police keeping an eye on?
(a) The Young Africans
(b) The crack house
(c) Drug dealers
(d) The rooming house

12. What kind of knife does Daryll have?
(a) A plastic knife
(b) A steak knife
(c) A cheese knife
(d) A butter knife

13. What is the main character's first name?
(a) Plato
(b) Socrates
(c) Homer
(d) Jacob

14. Who does Stony think they should tell about Petis?
(a) The police
(b) The FBI
(c) Petis' parents
(d) The whole neighborhood

15. Which of the following does Socrates tell Crier it is illegal to discriminate against?
(a) Infirmity
(b) Hair cuts
(c) Convicts
(d) Clothes

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Howard's daughter?

2. What kind of vehicle drives down the alleyway and makes the tinware rattle?

3. What kind of suit does Wilfred say he likes to put on after he has robbed someone?

4. What does Socrates say the police are afraid the Young African want to make?

5. What does Socrates pick up from the streets to sell?

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