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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates force Darrryl to do with the bird?
(a) Eat it raw
(b) Pluck and cook it
(c) Pull it apart
(d) Drink its blood

2. What does Socrates say they are not?
(a) Brutes
(b) Criminals
(c) Idiots
(d) Animals

3. Why does Socrates think Darryl is having nightmares?
(a) He feels guilty
(b) He is not eating
(c) He is scared
(d) His is in love

4. How did Socrates stop Fitzroy from torturing Clyde?
(a) He killed him
(b) He bribed him
(c) He threatened him
(d) He broke his legs

5. What is the couple doing across the street?
(a) Drinking
(b) Kissing
(c) Arguing
(d) Having sex

6. What does Socrates ask Anton for to complete his application?
(a) A pencil
(b) A marker
(c) A pen
(d) A piece of paper

7. Which of the following does Socrates tell Crier it is illegal to discriminate against?
(a) Infirmity
(b) Convicts
(c) Hair cuts
(d) Clothes

8. Why does Socrates think that going to the police is not an option?
(a) The police are too busy
(b) They are all wanted by the police
(c) The police don't listen
(d) The police brutalize black men

9. Why does Anton think Socrates will get a job?
(a) There are no openings
(b) He is too old
(c) He is too pushy
(d) He is an ex convict

10. Where does Wilfred like to rob people?
(a) In their offices
(b) In parking lots
(c) In their houses
(d) In bars

11. What is Socrates waiting for in this chapter?
(a) A train
(b) A dealer
(c) A bus
(d) A truck

12. What was the name of Shep's girlfriend?
(a) Theresa
(b) Muriel
(c) Agatha
(d) Winnie

13. What does Socrates ask Anton Crier for?
(a) Cat food
(b) A delivery driver
(c) An application form
(d) A pen and paper

14. Why does Socrates become angry at Ralphie?
(a) He stares at him
(b) He spits towards him
(c) He pushes him
(d) He ignores him

15. What is the name of the supermarket Socrates goes to for a job?
(a) Delaware
(b) Topic
(c) Bounty
(d) Lifers

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the couple standing under the ledge of?

2. What kind of stare does Socrates think Darryl has?

3. What did Winnie see Petis do to LeRoy?

4. What is Halley Grimes' position at the supermarket?

5. What does Socrates tell Petis he will do to him if he does not leave the neighborhood?

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