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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates say the police are afraid the Young African want to make?
(a) Bombs
(b) Army clothing
(c) Voodoo dolls
(d) Guns

2. Where does Wilfred like to rob people?
(a) In bars
(b) In parking lots
(c) In their houses
(d) In their offices

3. What does Socrates give Wilfred money for?
(a) A drink
(b) A new suit
(c) Both their meals
(d) To feed his family

4. What kind of clothes does Wilfred say he dresses up in?
(a) Funky clothes
(b) Sparky clothes
(c) Jazzy clothes
(d) Cat clothes

5. What can Socrates not do in his dream?
(a) Laugh and talk
(b) Sleep and read
(c) Feel and talk
(d) Open his eyes

6. Who does Socrates say Corina belongs to as long as Howard is not at home?
(a) Anybody
(b) The governent
(c) Her children
(d) Himself

7. What has Socrates spread across his table?
(a) Wrapping paper
(b) A napkin
(c) Printing paper
(d) A newspaper

8. What kind of vehicle drives down the alleyway and makes the tinware rattle?
(a) A truck
(b) A car
(c) A scooter
(d) A motorbike

9. Whose house does Socrates walk to a few days later?
(a) His father's house
(b) The Shakur's house
(c) Darryl's house
(d) His mother's house

10. What does Right think they should do to Petis?
(a) Torture him
(b) Imprison him
(c) Kill him
(d) Talk to him

11. How has Howard's life changed for the better?
(a) He has a job
(b) He has a new car
(c) He has enrolled at college
(d) He has signed on the dole

12. What was the name of Socrates' brutal inmate?
(a) Corny Clyde
(b) Crazy Fitzroy
(c) Psycho Bill
(d) Horror Jack

13. How did Socrates stop Fitzroy from torturing Clyde?
(a) He broke his legs
(b) He threatened him
(c) He killed him
(d) He bribed him

14. What is the name of the supermarket Socrates goes to for a job?
(a) Delaware
(b) Topic
(c) Lifers
(d) Bounty

15. When does Socrates tell Darryl to return to his house?
(a) The next day
(b) The following week
(c) At the beginning of the month
(d) Never

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates tell Darryl man can get sick on?

2. What is Anton Crier's position at the supermarket?

3. What day does Socrates like to visit Iula's?

4. What kind of suit does Wilfred say he likes to put on after he has robbed someone?

5. What is Halley Grimes' position at the supermarket?

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