Objects & Places from Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

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Socrates' Apartment - The two-room apartment has been forgotten or abandoned by its owner.

The Hot Plate - Socrates starts out with only one of these to prepare all of his meals.

Indiana State Prison - He spent 28 years of his life in this cold and drafty prison.

Iula's Diner - This is one of the few surviving businesses in the Watts area. Socrates meets Wilfred here.

The Kitchen at The Farm in Indiana - This is in the home that Socrates grew up in. He often dreams of being here again with his mother.

The Gun - Socrates takes this from Phillip when Phillip is beating Darryl.

The Knife - Socrates keeps this just in case he needs it.

The Bus Stop - Socrates encounters Ralphie and Linda at one of these. He also leaves his treasured friend, Right, at one so he can die in...

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