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"Crimson Shadow"

• Socrates Fortlow goes out into the alley to investigate why Billy the rooster has not crowed that morning.

• In the alley Socrates sees a boy called Darryl holding a cardboard box. Darryl tries to run away, but Socrates stops him and takes the box away. Inside the box is the dead rooster.

• Socrates takes Darryl into his house and questions him on the reasons why he killed his friend. Darryl is relieved to find out that by his friend, Socrates means the rooster.

• Socrates forces Darryl to pluck and cook the rooster.

• Socrates questions Darryl on who he has murdered in the past. He says that he knows he has killed someone because of his initial reaction to his question about Billy.

• Darryl asks Socrates why he was in prison. Socrates tells him he killed a man and raped his girl.

• Before Darryl leaves and Socrates...

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