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Nicole Chung
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trait did Rick say Cindy and Nicole had in common?
(a) Great eyesight.
(b) Stubbornness.
(c) A good sense of direction.
(d) Bookishness.

2. How does Nicole describe the feeling that she and Cindy are finally sisters?
(a) They have each other on speed dial.
(b) Their husbands mistake them for each other.
(c) They read each other’s minds.
(d) They can go the distance together.

3. What wish did Nicole express to her mother?
(a) That her parents had kept her from searching for her birth family.
(b) That her parents had encouraged her to seek her birth family earlier.
(c) That her parents had made some effort to find her birth family.
(d) That her parents has make an open marriage.

4. Why does Nicole say she is always relieved when she meets other adoptees?
(a) They understand what it means.
(b) They have all read the same books.
(c) They might know her family.
(d) They have been to the same places she lived in.

5. What did Cindy tell Nicole their parents’ fights were mostly concerned with?
(a) Their mother’s drinking.
(b) Their father’s gambling.
(c) Their father’s travel.
(d) Their mother’s abuse of Cindy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nicole say makes her grieve the time she lost with her sister?

2. How does Nicole characterize the color of her baby’s eyes?

3. What does Nicole say about the public role she has taken, now that she has found her birth family?

4. How dilated was Nicole when she showed up at the birthing center?

5. Why does Nicole say that traits that did not make sense to her parents would make sense to her father?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Nicole say the real lessons came from, in her experience of searching for her birth parents?

2. How did Cindy’s pregnancy affect her visit with Nicole and Dan?

3. What did Nicole learn about her father’s temperament during the visit?

4. How does Nicole characterize Cindy’s temperament?

5. What could Cindy tell Nicole about their father?

6. How has Nicole’s understanding of adoption changed throughout the course of All You Can Ever Know?

7. How do the routines of new parenthood change Nicole’s view of her own early months?

8. What was labor like for Nicole?

9. What did Cindy say made her apprehensive about getting pregnant?

10. What did Nicole call her father?

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