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Nicole Chung
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III, Pages 132-151.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the social worker tell Nicole’s parents when she gave them the baby?
(a) You’ll be fine.
(b) We’ll start on a trial basis.
(c) If it doesn’t work out, call us back.
(d) Be very careful.

2. What does Nicole say she could never be certain of, if she got in touch with her family?
(a) That they would tell her the truth.
(b) That they manipulate her.
(c) That they would stick around.
(d) That they would recognize her.

3. What happened when Nicole was 10 centimeters dilated?
(a) The doctors threatened to start a Caesarean.
(b) Nicole received an epidural.
(c) The doula told her to push.
(d) Nicole passed out.

4. What circumstance made Nicole hesitant to look for her birth parents during high school?
(a) Her parents had marital troubles.
(b) Her mother had a cancer scare.
(c) Her family moved a lot.
(d) She fell in love with her first boyfriend.

5. What did Nicole say she had to show respect for when she had doubts about her adoption narrative?
(a) The church’s beneficence in finding her new parents.
(b) The doctors’ skills in saving her.
(c) Her parents’ sacrifice.
(d) The synchronicity that brought her to her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nicole characterize the color of her baby’s eyes?

2. How long was Cindy deployed in Korea for?

3. How old was Nicole when she got pregnant?

4. What does Nicole say was inextricably linked with adoption for her?

5. How did Nicole’s father answer when she asked him if he ever thought about how she ended up with them?

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