All You Can Ever Know Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicole Chung
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Part I, Pages 3-20

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Nicole, Nicole. All You Can Ever Know. Catapult, 2018. Hardcover version.

• Nicole Chung says that her mother always told her the same story about her adoption: “Your birth parents had just moved here form Korea. They thought they wouldn't be able to give you the life you deserved” so they put her up for adoption (3).

• She recalls being three or four years old, and crawling into her mother’s lap to hear the story, her black hair a stark contrast to her mother’s reddish-brown perm.

• Nicole writes that her mother thought she was a “gift from God” and could not see her as “anything else” but beautiful (3).

• When she asked how her birth parents could give her up, she was consistently told that “the doctors told them you would struggle all...

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